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  1. Scham

    Darcy dilemma

    No, not the good one, the disappointing, soft, inconsistent one of the Tucker variety. What to do with him...??? Where is his place, role or position in the squad? He's too good to be playing at Peel but he's not good enough to be playing league. He's not an inside mid, not an inside player...
  2. Scham

    Prediction Lachie Neale's Brownlow result

    How many votes do you think he'll get?
  3. Scham

    Analysis Small - Medium Opposition Forwards

    It's been somewhat of a problem over the last two years but I think it could be about to significantly get worse. Last week Hartigan carved up Peels defence with it manned almost entirely by Freo players. This week it was Peake and Simpson who were East Freo's top goal scorers, and then of...
  4. Scham

    Prediction Changes for Rd 1

    Time to play the youth and remove the guys that aren't up to it. Tabener replaced by A Pearce Mayne replaced by Crozier (or a recruit) Suban replaced by Langdon D Pearce replaced by Weller De Boer replaced by Blakely Pav replaced by Apeness (or a recruit) Mzungu replaced by Hughes Ok, we lose...
  5. Scham

    I've always known this site was slightly Eaglecentric but they've reached new levels IMO. Yesterday their lead story was "Glass Act" all about Darren Glass winning the WCE F & B. This morning their lead story was "Woosha Returns" all about Woosha playing last night in the druggie cup...
  6. Scham

    Grover and Grover

    Nice article about Cameron. I hope he's available to us in the RD
  7. Scham

    When does Harve's get a holiday?

    After the season I'm sure he would've had some involvement in the Draft Camp and then there's prep for trade week, trade week itself, and now you would think he'd be involved in the selection of his new assistant. Pre season starts what next week? Does he get involved in that or would he leave...
  8. Scham

    2010 National Draft Phantom/Prediction

    There's plenty of profiles around the place so I'll keep it to just a summary list. 4. WCE - Andrew Gaff - midfielder best available, all round quality - just what their midfield needs! 5. Bris - Jarrod Polec - midfielder perfect fit for the Lions. Nigel Lappin like. 6. Rich - Dyson...
  9. Scham

    Our Equivalents

    Following on from the De Boer/Milne thread, I thought I'd try and put our equivalent team to the Premiers; Thomas - Hill - pass Shaw - Duffield - pass Swan - Palmer - fail Pendlebury - Mundy - pass Sidebottom - Walters - pass Didak - Balla - pass Maxwell - McPhee - pass Cloke - Pav...
  10. Scham

    Clarke vs McGlynn?

    It won't get any airtime or media discussion in Victoria but in the Dockers v Swans game there was a collision between Zac Clarke and Ben McGlynn that left McGlynn with a head injury and Zac Clarke reported. If you get the chance to see it, its an interesting one and it'll be interesting to...
  11. Scham

    INS and OUTS vs Hawks

    INS: Mayne, Silva, Des. (and JVB if McPhee gets suspended) OUTS: Pav, Jonno, Hase. take Ruffles over as the emerg. Pav and Hase obviously rested and Jonno dropped. Although the way the opposition are targeting Hase with a run off attacking defender is a worry so Hase could also be dropped...
  12. Scham

    Trade Jonno?

    With Kepler going alright and sighing a new contract, Houghton, Clarke and Sheppard coming along nicely, is Jonno perhaps excess to requirements and one that may be put up for trade at season's end?
  13. Scham

    Heard of Adrian Barich?

    He's a tosspot one eyed Eagle commentator over here in the West. People in the media over here treat him as a Footy expert but he just said on Channel 7, and I quote, "I didn't realise Riewold was that good!" Some expert eh?
  14. Scham

    Apologies to all the Freagles amongst us...

    No. Actually, f#*@ the Freagles, how good is it watching the 16th placed side absolutely spanking the Egirls!!! I'm loving it. Just hope they can keep it up and win so I can pick up the Worst tomorrow and read the back page about a young star that the Egirls have got coming through the ranks...
  15. Scham

    The Usual Suspects

    The usual suspects that fire up against us whenever the Crows beat us are doing it again. Edwards, Dangerfield and Walker. Walker in particular ALWAYS has a good game against us and does SFA for the rest of the season!!! Why???
  16. Scham

    Usual favouritism

    Thought the moggots were up to their usual tricks favouring the EGirls. 24 to 14! A couple that baffled me were the play on calls against Jonno and Silvagni. They weren't there to be called and there was no consistancy with it. There was 2 different HTB interpretations depending on which...
  17. Scham

    WAFL Info

    Hall and Bucovaz not named this week? Injured maybe? And after strangely being dropped to the ressies for a week, Bollenhagen is straight back in to the starting 18 for Perth? Was the demotion club enforced? There were rumours about disipline issues with him pre-draft? Can anyone shed...
  18. Scham

    The thing about McPhee...

    that really shits me is that while he was at the Bombers he fired up every time he played against us. He really took the fact that CC shafted him personnally and it motivated him against us even years later. But do you think he can mentally steel himself for a game against the club that he...
  19. Scham

    Hase's Handballs

    Looking through the year book last night and found this stat interesting and surprising. Hase was our top handballer for the season with 328, but in the Effective Handballs tally he wasn't even in the top 5, so he's had 328 handballs and less than 140 of them are effective! Actually our top 3...
  20. Scham

    Donlan and Dalgleish

    The 2 maggots (numbers 1 and 16) that shafted us all night! I'm sure Donlan wants to have J Brown's kids, what a shitdick! The 2 shots on goal he gave Brisbane in the 2nd quarter were just blatant examples of bias and clearly designed to give Bris the momentum (which it did!) Dalgleish...