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  1. Free Agent

    The impact of Social Media/Media in todays society

    Just been thinking how it's become more relevant today then ever before, just what a negative impact that media outlets especially social media is having on people in general. This Covid pandamic has only brought forward what's really been the bigger issue then the pandamic itself. It's how...
  2. Free Agent

    Saints Leigh Fisher umpiring a Saints game

    Former St Kilda player Leigh Fisher umpired yesterday's game against the Eagles. Just putting this out there as it's a disgrace and should be called out for what it is. A big f**king joke this game has become. A major conflict of interest here. AFL stop with this corruption please. No hiding...
  3. Free Agent

    (The Tax Agent) A Workers Christmas

    Tax return time. The time where all us hard working adults have our Christmas. What are you getting with you're tax return. Have you been good or are you on the naughty list. Naughty people who don't pay taxes don't get an Workers Christmas. Only hard working law abiding workers get a Tax...
  4. Free Agent

    Should Victoria becomes it's own country and build a wall around it

    With this Covid spreading everywhere I think it's time Victoria became its own country and built a wall to keep the other diseased states out. Thoughts?? Sent from my CPH2025 using Tapatalk
  5. Free Agent

    Time we dropped our senior players.

    Yesterday's game was unacceptable but yet I constantly keep reading post about us playing the top 2 side so we shouldn't of expected to win. That's a cop out as this isn't the first time this season I've seen that after a loss. I'm a very passionate supporter and been following this club for a...
  6. Free Agent

    Saturday Afternoon Footy Debate. Eddie wants it gone but I love the 2pm Saturday Arvo slot. I hope they don't get rid of it. Day footy provides the best atmosphere to watch the game. Night footy is...
  7. Free Agent

    Why don't we remove Academy and Father son picks all together.

    Don't gets this anymore. Is ruining the game. Father son is a bit of a joke now. There is no family in AFL. It's all business and don't think any father of a club would give two shits about what team there son plays for. Who cares anyway. Father's are already proud that their son is making the...
  8. Free Agent

    Why no investigation in umpiring.

    Sick of nothing happening someone needs to make a stand after last week dismal umpiring display. Screw this game. Weak effort by the club. Sent from my CPH2025 using Tapatalk
  9. Free Agent

    Brisbane played 18 games at home and finished 1st on ladder.

    Anyone surprised by this. Season 2020 the most uneven season in history and some poster still deny that it makes no difference. Who wins it who really cares. 2020 should not be classed as a premiership. Is cringe worthy we even have to sit through this season and pretend that it is not one big...
  10. Free Agent

    Moved Thread La Nina is coming.

    What a horrible year it's been and looks like the year from hell has another surprise coming its way in few weeks. Not sure what impact this will have on rest of the AFL season and Finals and hub location but gonna be some wild weather happening and AFL will be in the middle of it. Looks like...
  11. Free Agent

    Are too many private school boys becoming Politicians.

    Lets be honest. Most politicians in this country most likely come from rich private school boys boarding schools. I do wonder how many politicians today have came from one. Be interesting to see some real stat on this if anyone can do some research on it. Reckon it be like 95% if I had a guess...
  12. Free Agent

    Still not sold on both next Gen Consoles

    What do I do. I want next gen and I'm excited but both showcases were a disappointment. Not really anything that has wow factor. PS5 have Resident Evil Village but assuming Xbox Series will prob have that aswell. That's all that I'm interested in so far. Where is the open world GTA type games on...
  13. Free Agent

    2020 The Dead Rubber Premiership

    Who's gonna take out the most meaningless premiership of all time. Discuss. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  14. Free Agent

    Time for AFL to part ways with ASADA

    Just think the league needs to move away from ASADA. Let's be honest. They have been poor. How can anyone say this organisation has done a good job and deserves to continue. ASADA has been a huge disappointment in the way they handle drug testing and findings of players. I'm referring to both...
  15. Free Agent

    I don't know how to football

    It's been so long I forget what it's like. I have forgot how to support my team. I have forgot how to troll anothers I have forgot how be watching football I have forgotten my passion I have forgotten that feeling I have forgotten the holy grail I have forgotten how to football. Sent from my...
  16. Free Agent

    The biggest hits and bumps in AFL is nothing to be proud of.

    I hate it when ever I hear Australians talking about AFL to someone from US or any other country. Go to 1.52min mark of this clip. This is what we show to an American who has no idea about our game to promote it. First clip comes up is Jordon Lewis getting knocked out. For a start that was...
  17. Free Agent

    Eagles should protest horrible act by Bulldogs player.

    What a f**king joke. If McLean doesn't get suspended for this Eagles should protest. Jetta got clear clothelined and injuried for a few weeks from this. How a free kick wasn't paid just shows you the way this game is going. What if that was finals. Could cost us a spot. Seriously reckon...
  18. Free Agent

    AFL should not call it a premiership this season.

    Given this season is ruined and won't be 23 rounds it doesn't seem right to class it as a premiership this season. I just think the AFL should use this as a experimental season and named all awards as a once off as something else. No Premiership Cup or Norm Smith/Brownlow to be awarded ect...
  19. Free Agent

    Kobe Bryant killed in helicopter crash

    Breaking news. Everyone on board dead. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  20. Free Agent

    Podcast How to have a good thread on the main board. (Marlion Pickett)

    Ok so I'm looking at making a really good thread but not sure how. I want to know what does one need to become legendary. Do I need some of Hamish McLauchlan wiki edits. What is it. Please help me become a better poster. Guide me wise ones. Guide me. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk