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  1. swingdog

    Analysis Positives - Season 2021 and looking ahead

    Okay, I'm stuck in lockdown for another 2 weeks (at least) and want some sunshine in my life. The negatives of this season have been done to death in other threads, but what was good about the Eagles in 2021 and what do we have to look forward to in 2022? Like: Nic getting through a season...
  2. swingdog

    Who was the best Prime Minister?

    I mean, what could go wrong with this thread? Agree or disagree with the experts?
  3. swingdog

    State or Federal?

    This year has been a big year for the Federation and it got me thinking. Let's say you were a young, aspiring politician who actually wanted to do good in the world (I know, it's a stretch) from with side of politics. Would you really go into Federal politics or would you go to the states...
  4. swingdog

    The Salisbury Poisonings

    Starts on SBS on Monday. Really looking forward to this and topical given Alexei Navalny's poisoning.
  5. swingdog

    Coronavirus: eradication or suppression?

    We seem to be at an unexpected crossroads in Australia. We originally went the suppression route and were so successful at it (not withstanding latest stuff up and mini-spikes in Victoria), we are at a point where we could eradicate coronavirus in Australia. What are the pros and cons? Should...
  6. swingdog

    Preview Looking ahead to 2021

    There's a more than even chance there won't be any more footy in 2020. If we're lucky, we'll get a season in 2021. What do we need going forward? And how does the club keep this team together over the next 12 months and build for 2021? Accelerating JK's replacement seems an obvious place to...
  7. swingdog

    Society/Culture Charity

    I'm sure this will get broken down along left-right lines as everything does on this board. What are people's views on charity like we're currently being asked to help out with money for firefighters and people displaced by the fires. I've donated and on the one hand, can feel good about that...
  8. swingdog

    The evolution of test cricket

    What will test cricket look like in the future if it is to survive in any form? Despite a just-concluded successful World Cup, the one day game isn't exactly in rude health. T20 is doing fine. The 100 is a marketing thought bubble. Nations proclaim they want to continue to support test cricket...
  9. swingdog

    Numbers on shirts for coming Ashes series

    Well, I wouldn't have suspected this is what made me give up watching test cricket, but there you go:
  10. swingdog

    No one day cricket next summer

    BCCI demands that one-day series be played in India at end of January. Also means a shortened BBL: Thoughts? Is this the beginning of the end of one day cricket in...
  11. swingdog

    Cricket Australia does something right

    This will be awesome when it happens:
  12. swingdog

    Democracy in Africa

    There's a few interesting things happening at the moment across the continent that suggest the undermining of old autocratic orders. Thought it might be good to have them gathered together to discuss. Much more interesting than domestic disputes in the US, which dominate the news. Disputed...
  13. swingdog

    IPCC Report

    No thread on a new scientific report on the need to restrict global warming to 1.5 degree. Interesting how we are all keen to talk about various identity politics till the cows come home but anyone want to talk about an existential threat to humanity? Pass.
  14. swingdog

    Society/Culture Coles caves Total lack of corporate spine.
  15. swingdog

    Amazon to block Australian deliveries - is this the Libs' MRRT?

    Cheap goods no more: Bow down to your master, Gerry Harvey. Beyond the economics, is this where the Aussie battlers finally get off the Coalition train? How big...
  16. swingdog


    Hawke: The Larrikin and the Leader. Anyone else catch this on ABC last night? Apart from the obviously different morals and technologies of the 70s, which allowed someone like Hawke to do well despite his foibles...
  17. swingdog

    Society/Culture e-Estonia: would we ever be this technologically advanced? Is this a good vision of society?
  18. swingdog

    The war against ISIS

    This pops up in different threads, but given the current push into Mosul I thought it deserves its own thread. If there's one already, apologies and mods, please delete. Talk tactics and coverage. The Guardian seems to have some good reporting on the ground:
  19. swingdog

    Is it time to allow throwing?

    It's noticeable how much more often it happens in finals games, mainly little chucks in close to get the ball out. It's near impossible to officiate so umpires don't seem to bother in the name of keeping the game flowing. Why not just let it happen? A handball is still a longer offensive...
  20. swingdog

    Toast 2006 Texts

    Loved this story about Sam Butler getting texts from Woosha replaying the 2006 season round by round: Without going back, what would have been our posts round by round from 2006? Starting...