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  1. portly

    Will Essendon FC now be punished by AFL

    Come on. Person up. You haven't been penalised for doping. You should have been after CAS, but you haven't, and you probably won't. This is one time when Gillian should be guided by what common sense and the other clubs think. Money rules. Sent from my SM-G920I using Tapatalk
  2. portly


    Paul, no.
  3. portly

    CAS decision Tuesday AM. Countdown on.

    I am suspecting that the players will never learn what was injected into them. What a way to live.
  4. portly

    No fault discounts queried by CAS Chair

    Am tending to agree with you after reading some of these posts. Difficult to believe, but....
  5. portly

    Essendon anti-doping call could take longer than expected

    Very silly comment. We all complain, and especially the two teams in the West.
  6. portly

    Tribunal told Bombers texted each other about ‘Thymo’ injections

    Falsify? You're dreaming, clutching at straws, looking for complexities to justify your own point of view. Be simple. You didn't keep records + Ziggy report = Guilty