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  1. Tassieboy

    Treasurer Scott Morrison says to forget about relying on the age pension

    Finally we have someone with the foresight and fortitude to speak about the aged pension farce. About 10% or $41 billion of government expenditure is spent on the aged pension. Unfortunately, often through incompetent personal financial management, many elder Australians - including my four...
  2. Tassieboy

    2015/16 Summer Crowds

    Test Series Australia V New Zealand 1st Test @ Gabba Day 1: 16,181 Day 2: 14,187 Day 3: 15,223 Day 4: 6,608 Day 5: 1,373 Total: 53,572 (average: 10,714) Greater Brisbane population (2014 ABS): 2.27 million % of population: 2.36% Australia V New Zealand 2nd Test @ WACA Day 1: 13,593 Day 2...
  3. Tassieboy

    Dons aim to be 'G-whizzes in 2016 So effectviely Essendon are seeking to break their unwise contract with Docklands and transfer at least one extra game to the MCG which...
  4. Tassieboy

    Tassie's betting thread

    These threads usually go on until it's clear people like me will just lose and won't make back our losses. So that's what we'll do here. When it's evident things are irreversible I'll just sail into the sunset pretending this thread never happened. Cricket 1u England to defeat West Indies 2nd...
  5. Tassieboy

    Cricket Summer betting thread - India, Tri-series, World Cup

    1st Test 1u Pujara H2H V Watson @ $2.10 (Palmer/Sportingbet). Pujara will finish as much better Test player than Watson. He had a dreadful time in New Zealand and England, but I think his technique is fine to cope outside India. Watson is also back from injury and his form over the last two...
  6. Tassieboy

    Experiences with tipping/ratings services

    Almost every punter under 40 would have some idea about the growing phenomenon of 'tipping' services for both horse racing and sports. As anyone with some idea about gambling would know, it is incredibly difficult to sustain any sort of long-term edge over the bookies; if you do, they'll likely...
  7. Tassieboy

    Good news for the punter

    Pinaccle Australia has launched and they are to include Horse Racing ( Also,
  8. Tassieboy

    Matchbook - Serious (sport) competition for Betfair and even Pinaccle?

    Has anyone come across Matchbook? It's an exchange under new ownership, but with only 1% commission, in comparison with Betfair's 5%. It appears to heavily focus on North American markets, but there are also markets on NRL and AFL. NBA lines are $1.98 - or effectively $1.97 minus commission...
  9. Tassieboy

    2014 cricket winter

    There may be a few contributors in this thread every month or so I thought I'd put it up. When I have the time I'll see if anything internationally interests me. England tour of the West Indies Both sides aren't at full strength but I rate England's squad far higher than the Windies and I...
  10. Tassieboy

    Ricky Ponting tribute game @ York Park

    Is anyone in Launceston going to game tonight? Reserved seating has sold out with over 14,000 tickets sold. Team Ponting 5 Casey Young 7 Ian Healy 12 Matthew Richardson 14 Ricky Ponting (Captain) 15 Luke Hodge 28 Matthew Hayden 29 Brent Harvey 36 Tim Paine (12th man) 45 Stuart MacGill 52 Dean...
  11. Tassieboy

    2013/14 Australian cricket summer - Domestic, Ashes and all that

    The Champions League and Ryobi Cup are both underway. The Ashes to come. Will be looking for some value this summer. For today in the NSW - Tas game, Smith was $7.02 to top score. Bookies can be a bit slow on the uptake sometimes. 0.5u Bailey to score @ $5. Tasmania's best batsman. Overs...
  12. Tassieboy

    Universal Love Thanks to every EFC player

    As this torturous season comes to a conclusion, I'd like to get the chance to thank the players for not only their resilience, but their on-field performance - our best since 2013. A remarkable effort. As a club we are only going to get bigger and stronger. #WeAreEssendon
  13. Tassieboy

    AFL Autopsy R 22 V Carlton, our 2013 bunnies

  14. Tassieboy

    Competitions Funniest comments by the rational, intelligent folk of Australia - Trollsada board, Facebook etc.

    Before we begin, in no circumstance can any poster of this board be singled out as per site rules - and not posts are to be quoted with their name - just the specific comment. Otherwise this thread will have a very short lifespan. But of course there's many other sources of prescribed...
  15. Tassieboy

    AFL Autopsy V Collingwood - the good, the bad, and the ugly, Rd 19 2013

    Try to be positive but have a vent if need be. I thought Ryder battled well. Heppell was more than serviceable, though some of his disposals let him down. The skipper got through with 31 disposals but didn't have a major influence. Myers had a decent outing too.
  16. Tassieboy

    AFL Autopsy V Hawthorn

    Discuss the not so great performance here.
  17. Tassieboy

    AFL Autopsy v Port Adelaide (30 point victory - 40,817), Rd 15 2013

    Fantastic win in the circumstances. Shame about Watson. And Carslile and Stants were injured but should be Okish (new word I know). Keep it civil and all that. Have fun :)
  18. Tassieboy

    Review Review V West Coast, Rd 14 2013

  19. Tassieboy

    2013 cricket season - Champions Trophy and Ashes

    Big cricket season coming up. Champions Trophy early bets: More than 6.5 centuries (15 matches) @ 1.80 - 2u. Only needs one ever 25% of innings to pass. Watson Australia's leading series run-scorer @ 4.15 - 2u. Who else is there? Amla most SA runs @ 4 - 2u. World's best ODI batsman...
  20. Tassieboy

    AFL Autopsy V Brisbane (10 point loss - 33,915) R8 2013

    Can we actually kick it to its desired target?