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  1. shinboner magic

    Unofficial Preview GOAT week - Banter thread

    The Bont will be like a tortoise this week - head will tract into his shell. The meAt grinder will slice n Dice him while he's in the midfield and the bash brothers(spud , scooter, taz) will give him cauliflower ear treatment. See if he wants to yap to media again
  2. shinboner magic

    Welcome to the 139th year of NMFC

    Hi all just want to celebrate us surviving for another year in our most celebrated form. I would really like to thank andy D ,gillion,ronny clarke,usc,fatrick and all the other bumbelling fools that couldnt get their ass out of their mouths for long enough to get it right. Well to all the...
  3. shinboner magic

    Archer Record Breaking Stuff

    Just wondering if there is anything been sold for archers record breaking game. Havent heard anything about it like his 300th