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  1. daniologist

    Certified Legendary Thread Chrisco Hampers - who in their right mind buys them ?

    I think they mean "first time getting it off" maybe. Or not.
  2. daniologist

    Gary Rohan Finals Watch 2021

    Someone's been having fun with his Wikipedia entry. Sydney coach Paul Roos admitted, "We were looking for spuds, and Garfield is that!"
  3. daniologist

    Think Tank The Bailey Smith thread. Enter here for some pizzazz- if you can handle it.

    This campaigner is aiming for a Bailey Smith level mullet before next season. I'm considering disowning him. F*kcing millennial.
  4. daniologist

    Mofra's Bottom 50 for 2021

    It's to keep the rabbits out.
  5. daniologist

    Current Prince Andrew - Sexual Assault

    ...wItHoUt vIcTiM bLaMiNg... proceeds to blame the victim entirely :rolleyes: This :arrowup: is exactly why most sexual assaults are not reported. The reason grooming children is such a heinous action - because with time and money and power, a manipulative adult can get them to do whatever...
  6. daniologist

    Games & Recreation The mano v mano thread

    Gravy v tomato sauce
  7. daniologist

    Player Watch #11 Max Gawn - 2021 All-Australian captain

    Doing a post-and-run here as a Freo fan, but yeah I'm sharing the love for your big ruckdog. Watching the game and I blurted out "Maximum Gawnage" after that snap from 55. The real life people I was watching with don't hang out in BF (or anywhere online in fact) - they loved it and re-used it...
  8. daniologist

    Poll: Will you willingly get a Covid vaccine in the next year or so?

    Got the 3 teens in for their first vax this afternoon. I've had 2 x Pfiiiiiizers. Worst part was the UHT milk they supplied, totally ruins a good cup of tea.
  9. daniologist

    Games & Recreation The mano v mano thread

    Moussaka every day of the week. Gratuitous moussaka anecdote: I've got a bunch of fine young fellas live next door to me, they often look out for me with firewood, bush meat (roo, pig, rabbit), car repairs and other general stuff scavenged from their workplaces. I repay their neighbourly good...
  10. daniologist

    Opinion What unpopular AFL opinions do you have? - Part 2

    And they don't really make that many mistakes considering how many decisions are made in real time without the benefit of various camera angles. And they know and understand the rules much better than the average fan.
  11. daniologist

    Religion Ask a Christian

    So sorry but must point out respectfully that zucchini is in fact also a fruit in the botanical sense. This is actually the whole entire problem with religions like christianity. "My god is the only real one, yours is bollocks so I'm going to kill you all to prove my point because my god is...
  12. daniologist

    The Perth Thread - Part 4

    I do like some bits... like scrapping the $1000 pay rise cap for public servants, ending logging in native forests, and the climate action fund. Not happy about the lack of action in the child protection arena, we're well past critical in that field with case workers melting down under massive...
  13. daniologist

    Religion Ask a Christian

    Other way around. Christian celebrations took over the pagan festivals that pre-dated christian beliefs, because they couldn't get those pagan mongrels to stop celebrating the real world seasonal events like full moons, solstices and equinoxes. Ostara/Eostre became Easter, and so on. And that...
  14. daniologist

    Current Disappearance of little William Tyrrell

    So I haven't read the full article (being a Murdoch rag and all, I've got a strict no clicks policy there), but I'm a bit confused. The police have asserted that they have a new suspect? The inquest has been completed but the findings aren't being handed down because the police have identified...
  15. daniologist

    The Perth Thread - Part 4

    Best thing about the Noongar calendar is that it isn't defined by dates, the changing seasons are marked by actual happenings like when the yellow flowers start to bloom and when the nesting birds start to swoop. So if it's still cold and wet, and the wattles aren't blooming, then it's still...
  16. daniologist

    NSW Gladys Berejiklian in trouble. Part 2

    NSW? Not sure when this order was made but it looks like it was after the horse had bolted. Just in today's stories...
  17. daniologist

    Mofra's Bottom 50 for 2021

    Alex Sexton? Never heard of her.
  18. daniologist

    Mofra's Bottom 50 for 2021

    Oh look, his bum's broken, it's got a big crack in it.
  19. daniologist

    The Perth Thread - Part 4

    SHOTS FIRED Good one State Daddy WA government DENIES Eddie McGuire entry for AFL Grand Final ( "I'm trying to protect him from Western Australians, I'm doing it for his own good,' he first joked, referring to McGuire's unpopularity in the state due to previous role as Collingwood...
  20. daniologist

    Current Coronavirus inspired crime and toilet paper brawls

    "Unemployed personal trainer Anthony Khallouf pleaded guilty to a string of charges including breaches of public health orders and making false representations to police." And "Khallouf posted videos of himself on social media flouting health restrictions" This whole COVID-19 experience has...