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  1. JackOutback

    Top 10 franchises

    Rotten Tomatoes has weighed up critic scores, fan scores and box office to come up with the ‘top 10’ franchises of all time. A few curious choices.
  2. JackOutback

    Star Wars and Kevin Feige

    Announced yesterday that Marvel boss Kevin Feige is a big Star Wars fan and will be making a movie with Lucasfilm (writing, directing, overseeing, not quite clear). Big coup for Lucasfilm, albeit they all work for the same company.
  3. JackOutback

    Arguments for Christmas

    A handy list of arguments to have this Christmas, starting with the classic: Is Die Hard a Christmas movie? But also; Is Love Actually actually good or actually bad? Real tree vs fake tree. Is fruit cake delicious or disgusting? When should the decorations go up? Merry Christmas or happy...
  4. JackOutback

    Albums live in full

    I've been listening to The National's latest release, Boxer Live in Brussels, in which they play the album in its entirety. Some bands have toured albums, particularly on key anniversary dates (I think Offspring toured Smash to celebrate 25 years since its release). Obviously bands and fans...
  5. JackOutback

    TV shows you have given up on

    If I have invested a lot of time into a good show, I usually want to see how it ends. But some make it really difficult by declining in quality (I'm looking at you, Dexter). As much as I previously enjoyed The Walking Dead, I'm just about done. What shows did you spend years watching, only to...
  6. JackOutback

    Old music outselling new music

    The declining state of the music industry has been pretty well documented but I found it interesting that old, or catalogue, music is now outselling new music in Australia and has been doing so in the US since 2015. What exactly does this mean for music now and in the future, will the trend...
  7. JackOutback

    Five-star albums

    A five-star review is the ultimate rating for any album, suggesting it is basically flawless, or at least, as meaningful as an album can be to you. If we're honest with our reviews, there really should only be a handful of five-star albums. So which are yours? I was prompted to start this...
  8. JackOutback

    Definitive albums

    While discussing the work of Green Day, a friend pointed out that you only truly need two Green Day albums: Dookie and American Idiot. Their other work might have ranged from mediocre to decent, depending on your personal taste, but those are the two albums that had the most impact and the most...
  9. JackOutback


    Who was better? Steve Waugh says Gilly. Let the shitfight begin. Former Australian captain Steve Waugh has sparked debate within cricketing circles by nominating Adam Gilchrist as the most valuable player of Australia's glorious era of dominance. Waugh was asked who of Gilchrist, who...
  10. JackOutback

    Shane Warne's Test XI of the past 25 Years

    Gee, Warney really holds a grudge against Steve Waugh, doesn't he? Not included in his team of the past 25 years, Border named captain despite playing, what, one or two of those years. Comes after leaving him out of the ODI team. Having put together what he thinks is Australia's greatest ODI XI...