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  1. Espio

    Player Watch Ressies time.

    Once upon a time it was not unusual to see players have 50 to 100 ressies games before they secured a senior spot. Today the narrative after 2 years on the list is “x player is a bust”. Is there recent examples of quality players who have had to bide their time? On iPhone using
  2. Espio

    Opinion Carey sinks to new low.

    Now we all know that Wayne has zero integrity, history confirms the essence of his being. As low as I rate Carey as a human being he has plunged to new lows with his current ad campaign leveraging “men’s health” alongside another hair product for the follically challenged. Men’s health is a...
  3. Espio

    Umpiring Are “inside bulls” finally getting the free kicks they deserve?

    Noticed this weekend a real increase in the number of frees kicks the likes of Cripps, Oliver and co have gotten for being scragged prior to the contest. After years of frustration watching these great inside players being grabbed and ridden without the ball are the AFL finally going to pay...
  4. Espio

    Player Watch AFL all time best “Gingers”

    Watched Francis today and couldn’t think of too many quality blood nuts that have played. Who are the best Gingers you can think of? On iPhone using mobile app
  5. Espio

    Analysis Will the AFL move to a time out model

    The removal of the runners and more defensive game plans will the AFL move to a 2 or 3 minute time out model? Broadcasters always love their pound of flesh. Coaches would love an opportunity to break up momentum. Far from advocating this move, just seems like a logical progression if you...
  6. Espio

    Running bounce 15m vs Paid mark 15m

    Do they hand the umps 2 different tape measures? All teams do this so it is not a bias thing, more so all these 10m kicks being paid marks is dead set ugly and slow. Start making them kick it the full 15. On iPhone using mobile app
  7. Espio

    Rate the roles. How do you rate the different on ground roles in the AFL?

    What do you think are the most valuable roles in AFL? I have broken them up but I am sure someone else can find a better dissection. Key Forward Small Forward Inside Mid Outside Mid Key Back Small back Intercept back Ruck Shutdown mid Incomplete I know. What do you think? On iPhone using...
  8. Espio

    The Pony ride

    Let me preface this by saying I have no issue with a hard tag, some players are so good they require being sat on. The part I don’t understand is how players can essentially “pony ride” the gun player prior to them winning the ball. This happens to all the gun mids, Fyfe Cripps Danger etc. We...
  9. Espio

    Trade Value: Who is the leagues most valuable player?

    Any player is up for grabs, open slather. Who in the league is the most valuable trade commodity as of right now?