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    Who would you have at North Paul Roos or Mark Williams.

    After seeing Melbourne today did North do the right by getting Paul Roos or should we have chased Mark Williams. I wonder what Mark Williams would have done differently had he been at North instead of Paul Roos. It would be interesting to see what people on Big Footy have to say.
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    What Player would you take from a another club on a short term basis to fill a gap.

    What player would you take from a another club on a short term basis to fill a gap on the list while we rebuild from the bottom up?
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    North VFL 2020

    Now that season 2019 now over what does North has to do to move up the ladder? Any ideas considering we have simpleton from BSBS era as the coach. 1:Recruit players players from the following comps ex AFL out of system between 1 to 2 years, SANFL,WAFL and VFL. 2:Try and play a more attractive...
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    Preview See Ya 2019, Bring On 2020

    With a miracle needed to play finals in 2019 we should look and hope does happen in 2020. Here is things I like to see happen you find some spots vacant maybe North bigfooty supporters would like to fill the blanks in. 1:A win in Round 1. 2:A Double Header of away games in Queensland in late...
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    Good Friday 2020

    This is just a few ideas for next year Good Friday if the North Melbourne are involved . 1:Play Essendon again. 2:Play the VFL as a curtain raiser before the main game which can be shown on seven 2 with RCH appeal advertising going on as the game . 3:Get an well known Australian music act to...
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    Brian Taylor

    Tell me North supporters should North Melbourne Football Club BAN this man from entering our rooms Again after sh*t caning our club yet again
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    Who should be our Rookie Players in 2019

    Besides Murphy from Ireland who else do you thing we should Rookie in 2019 and how many Rookies should we Target
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    Paul Connors

    Well since we lost out on another big name player from the Paul Connor stable I just want to know why this is the case. 1.He despises us with a passion. 2. He see us as a club that will pay overs so that his players get a better deal from the club that they currently play out. 3.His players...
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    VFL VFL 2019

    Just hope in 2019 as a club things happen with our VFL side. 1. We get a good draw. 2. Hopefully we get to watch the VFL side play before the AFL @ Marvel,Punt Rd or the MCG. 3.Seeing potential new players in the VFL side to be added to the AFL list in 2020. 4.Hopefully not seeing draft picks...
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    2019 AFL Dream Draw for North

    1:To play Red and Black Drug Club as a home game. 2:To play Brisbane and Gold Goast in Back to Back away games in July when its cold in Melbourne. 3:Hopefully play Carlton twice for 2 wins. Tell us what you think.
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    North in 2019

    Early Prediction where will North finish in 2019 . My belief is if we get no injuries Ben Brown kicks another 20 to 25 goals and we land Gaff and Polak I think we can finish anywhere between 5 and 10 on the ladder. But others may have a different ideas.
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    Prediction A 2017 Finish

    I don't know what the supporters think I think we will finish between 10 to 16 with the following clubs to pass us on and off the field St Kilda Melbourne Port Adelaide and Collingwood just like The Western Scumdogs GWS and the Crows did this year. As for BS what BS do you have install for us...
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    Meet Up Who's heading to the Gold Coast this weekend

    How many supporters are heading to the Gold Coast this weekend.
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    Where's the crowds at home games

    Great win by the boys tonight and now on top of the ladder but when will are supporters and members start attending the home games another crap crowd AGAIN. I'm sick of the BS from our supporters saying its a Sunday night or a Sunday day game or a Saturday night game get to the games you lazy sods.
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    North should wear blue shorts

    Blue shorts for home games?