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  1. Adelaide Hawk

    Gary Ablett crying a river over Crowley's tactics

    The attitude that amazes me in footy is it's okay for a key forward to have someone breathing down their throat and scragging them for 100% of the match, but it's not okay to have it done to a key midfielder? I think Ablett's being a bit precious here.
  2. Adelaide Hawk

    Roast 5AA are mongrels

    Easily, the most embarrassing part of living in Adelaide is 5AA. They are pathetic. Always quick to accuse Victorian media of bias, a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black. Stephen Rowe's a decent enough sort of guy, but put him in front of a microphone and he becomes a...
  3. Adelaide Hawk

    Well done guys

    Extremely well played today, just too good for us. All the best for next week and here's hoping you can triumph over the cats :thumbsu:
  4. Adelaide Hawk

    Jumper Numbers

    I have all the numbers, if you'd like to PM me we can arrange something. Cheers
  5. Adelaide Hawk

    Well done Fremantle

    Thanks Freo, it's always so entertaining here in Adelaide when the crows get beaten :D All the best in the finals.