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  1. Adelaide Hawk

    Rumour Dew gone

    You overlooked my favourite. Giants didn't spend 4 years trying to pretend Karmichael Hunt could play footy.
  2. Adelaide Hawk

    Scandal Tyson Stengle stood down for off field behaviour

    People seem to think you have to film everything these days.
  3. Adelaide Hawk

    Scandal Brad crouch and Tyson Stengle caught with illicit substances

    ..... because Melbourne is the place to be right now :rolleyes:
  4. Adelaide Hawk

    Scandal Fan charged with stalking umpire and leaving menacing voicemails

    This is the danger we face when fans become way too obsessed by umpires, and there's a fair bit of it on this forum. It's unhealthy.
  5. Adelaide Hawk

    Scandal Buddy Not Happy!

    "But on Thursday, Lance 'Buddy' Franklin looked less than pleased to be on rubbish duty as he hauled a large bin outside his Rose Bay home" I take my bins out every week and I'm pretty sure I'm not smiling, dancing and singing as I do it. :rolleyes:
  6. Adelaide Hawk

    Rumour Stewie Dew Not Popular

    Yep, he's the coach, and as a player your job is to listen. I played under coaches in footy, cricket and basketball who lacked fitness in comparison to the players, but if they had credibility and sounded as if they knew what they were talking about, then I listened. Their job was to coach, my...
  7. Adelaide Hawk

    Nobody will notice...

    It worked for Elvis Presley :) Do we keep it at waist height after every goal, or just at intervals and in the changeroom?
  8. Adelaide Hawk

    Rumour Stuey Dew pees his coaching career up against the wall

    In South Australia (probably other states as well), you can still be fined for this, but the offence doesn't carry a conviction. It's draconian, and we are still wanting to know what a person is supposed to do if he is caught short and there's nowhere to go. As with others, I can't believe...
  9. Adelaide Hawk

    Rumour Adelaide Crows camp

    Am I the only one who couldn't give a crap about this camp?
  10. Adelaide Hawk

    Scandal Cy Walsh not guilty of murdering Phil Walsh due to mental incompetence

    Who was responsible for the drug abuse?
  11. Adelaide Hawk

    Rumour Horror stories of boys club culture exposed by staffer amid savage job cuts at the AFL

    It's been my long time dream that one day the AFL would be investigated and exposed. Please, let it happen.
  12. Adelaide Hawk

    Scandal Elijah Taylor charged with assault of girlfriend.

    I agree, what's so "complex" about the situation? Harley' got a future in politics.
  13. Adelaide Hawk

    Scandal Hawthorn are tanking - and it's obvious

    I don't even know why I'm bothering to respond to such an idiotic thread, maybe I'm just in a bad mood. Perhaps the OP can explain to me why Richmond's record from 1983 to 2016 was absolutely pathetic. Richmond must be winning a few games of late, so now their supporters think they can accuse...
  14. Adelaide Hawk

    Scandal Fremantle forward Cam McCarthy quits club after being told he won’t get a new contract

    I think that's the first time I've ever heard anyone describe what Barrett says as "interesting" :)
  15. Adelaide Hawk

    Scandal Robert Muir

    Yes, Wilbur Wilson as well, and there were others. The crowds just seemed to love them, so I guess I was blissfully unaware of any racism towards them. Silly me, treating it like a game :)
  16. Adelaide Hawk

    Scandal Robert Muir

    When I first saw Muir play, I never realised he was Aboriginal, nor did it matter. He was a footballer and a seemingly talented one. The Aboriginal players I'd watched prior to him had much darker skin. SANFL players such as David Kantilla, Roger Rigney, Bertie Johnson, and later one Michael...
  17. Adelaide Hawk

    Scandal The 'disgusting' on-field sledge that made a player consider walking off the ground and quitting the game

    Trash talking has been in basketball even going back to when I played in the mid 70s - early 80s. I didn't notice it until the influx of black Americans, so I guess it went on in the college system over there and they brought that culture with them. I dealt with it by ignoring it, eventually...
  18. Adelaide Hawk

    Rumour Tigers accused of groping teammate

    Agree. God only knows what they get up to in the showers :)
  19. Adelaide Hawk

    Rumour Tigers accused of groping teammate

    Totally agree. Any team mate did that to me would have ended up supine on the floor. A similar thing for me, a team mate thought it was funny to blow smoke in my face because I was a non-smoker. I told him to stop, he didn't, he never blew smoke in my face after I decked him. Chol clearly...