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  1. Papa G


    Just resigned till 2020.
  2. Papa G

    Unofficial Preview Changes for Round 5 v Port Adelaide @ AAMI Stadium

    Agree with this. His run and carry has been good but some of his decision making and skill (elite kick I keep hearing) have left a bit to be desired. You are spot on with Heath too. He's been fantastic.
  3. Papa G

    Expectations for Naitanui this week

    Probably a North Adelaide supporter is the best to ask as that's where he has been playing his footy for the last couple of years, but from what I have heard from them and a the couple of games I've seen him in (he dominated a SANFL final last year) his position is forward.
  4. Papa G

    Expectations for Naitanui this week

    I know you guys are going to laugh, but I'm actually looking forward to Westhoff Vs Nic Nac in the ruck. Some of the stuff that Nic Nac does is quite skillful and freakish, but a lot of comes against a big lumbering ruckman or an unco kid like last week. Westhoff, by no means a monster, is...
  5. Papa G

    Kerr Rumours - put your money where your mouth is

    Does anyone think Port are a chance or do you believe Kerr is more interested hanging out with Juddy, Cuzz, getting his head in the Herald Sun social pages and being the B grade celebrity that only being a footballer in Melbourne provides over genuinely having a crack another premiership?
  6. Papa G

    Round 6 changes vs Western Bulldogs

    Doggies don't have a decent tagger. Kerr will dominate this week. Just contain a couple of their onballers and I think you guys will win this week.
  7. Papa G

    Who would you least like to play?

    Come finals time who would you least like to play? For you guys obviously Sydney is almost a 50/50 every time you play, but on the other hand the Crows are your bitches. Do you fear Geelong? Are Port someone you'd rather avoid? You guys are getting all your players back now and look...
  8. Papa G

    Trade Bait

    Would you take Dew for Rosa?