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  1. PerfectFooty

    Michael Close suing the AFL and Brisbane over Etihad surface

    Maybe he thinks Brisbane as his employer owes him a duty of care not to allow him to partake in playing on a dangerous surface
  2. PerfectFooty

    Michael Close suing the AFL and Brisbane over Etihad surface

    Why is he suing the AFL and Brisbane? Seems like Etihad is what he has a gripe with (I know the AFL owns Etihad now, so i guess they are in the fold)
  3. PerfectFooty

    Kennett: all board members must go when I say

    Sounds like a Dictatorship
  4. PerfectFooty

    AFL X

    It's not necessary, the main attraction (which is AFL) isn't dying off in fact it's doing better than anyone in the country. Unlike cricket which was losing numbers and needed to revitalise itself with a new format to lure new fans in who detest test cricket. The AFL has only looked at the cash...
  5. PerfectFooty

    AFL X

    I hope we make finals, purely for the fact i don't want to see any of our players in this at all
  6. PerfectFooty

    Eddie - 20 years as Collingwood president

    As much as i dislike him, he's been fantastic for Collingwood, although he's presidency has become stale. A breath of fresh air could be good for all stakeholders
  7. PerfectFooty

    How has Port Adelaides membership grown so much?

    i'm making the assumption that some people in Adelaide might follow Port Adelaide. Also the move to the oval has been good too, Port were hurting at West lakes bundled with awful performance at the time
  8. PerfectFooty

    Do we need another AFL Club or are there too many as it is?

    Norwood is probably one of the highest attended sides outside of the AFL, and were originally asked to join but decided to stay loyal to the sanfl, until Port made it's attempts creating Adelaide with them later joining. It just seemed right to have an old and respected side join rather just...
  9. PerfectFooty

    Do we need another AFL Club or are there too many as it is?

    18 clubs is good for the moment i reckon. ask me again in 2020. None of the destinations named could really support an AFL side. NT and camberra wouldn't pull enough, you might be just lucky with Tassie. Not to mention NT is already hard as it's played during there hot season, holding one game...
  10. PerfectFooty

    AFLPA again threaten to strike

    Do it! it'll be quite entertaining
  11. PerfectFooty

    BLK Sports gone into receivership

    i didn't think it was too untoward, it's an issue that new balance are actually trying to deal with
  12. PerfectFooty

    BLK Sports gone into receivership

    Well at least they don't have an official endorsement from neo-nazi's like new balance
  13. PerfectFooty

    Geelong must be allowed to play at Simonds

    Won't Geelong want to play at the MCG a week ahead of grand final day, wouldn't that aid them? Also with GWS, there won't be much crowd difference if they held their game at spotless or at ANZ compared to Geelong getting a lesser crowd at a under construction Kadinia park
  14. PerfectFooty

    Resource The 2016 AFL Crowds and Ratings Thread

    You may have less that 15k. But you'll never take our 8k record away from us!
  15. PerfectFooty

    Is Albury Aussie rules heartland?

    Sort of a Split almost, But it's probably more predominately Rugby, briefly lived up there. Footy is up there but pretty quiet, place goes nuts when origin rolls around
  16. PerfectFooty

    A new Victorian club?

    Only likely ones i could imagine would be promoting Williamstown or Port Melbourne to the AFL, and to be honest i couldn't imagine one joining the AFL without the other. Not going to lie, it'd be pretty cool. But of course it would never happen
  17. PerfectFooty

    All ANZ games relocated to the SCG.

    This has probably been brought up, but i heard on the news that if Sydney get a home final they still have to use ANZ for their home final this year
  18. PerfectFooty

    All ANZ games relocated to the SCG.

    Happy for the Swans, ground was never meant for footy and the SCG is their spiritual home.
  19. PerfectFooty

    Is it time for a National Reserves League?

    I would like a reserves team purely because the AFL have made an absolute mess of the VFA filling it with reserves sides. However i get the sad feeling without the reserves sides the VFL would loose a lot of support with just stand alone clubs.
  20. PerfectFooty

    Cats plea to AFL for financial help (Age)

    I'm not sure if i'm correct so anyone correct me if i'm wrong but isn't Carlton still paying for it's improvements to visy park