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  1. Visions

    MMA-UFC UFC 252

    Stipe should have finished DC off at the end of the second. When he put him down with that right, he came in too hot and allowed DC to clinch him while on the floor and Stipe couldn't really do anything in the last 20 seconds. If he was more measured he could have started laying into him...
  2. Visions

    MMA-UFC UFC 243 - October 6

    McGregor to me was a campaigner but I don’t mind this bloke. Rob today just couldn’t connect with any punches, Israel was too quick and evading them. Then ended up copping a few himself.
  3. Visions

    MMA-UFC UFC 207: Nunes v Rousey

    All that wait and hype destroyed in 40 seconds. Nunes blew her away.
  4. Visions

    UFC 193 - Fight Week!

    Yep, wasnt a great way to set the tone for the rest of the card in the main event telecast.
  5. Visions

    The Ultimate Fighter 12 (Lightweights; St. Pierre v Koscheck) ** NO SPOILERS **

    Is there anyone in MMA who is more self-centred, conceited and obnoxious as Koscheck? I have lost all respect for that bloke with the crap that has been coming out of his mouth the last few episodes. I can understand fighters who try to get a rise out of opponents, fighters with a bit of edge...
  6. Visions

    UFC 114 - Rampage v Rashad

    If Rashad and Rampage put on a fight half as good as they dis each other, then it should be one hell of a fight. Think Rampage will take it by decision.
  7. Visions

    UFC 113: Machida vs Shogun 2

    Light Heavyweight Championship: Machida vs Rua - Last time I thought Shogun had him (like the majority of viewers I think), however seeing he escaped with the victory, I think Machida would have worked on his deficiencies from that fight and will win by a decisive decision this time around with...
  8. Visions

    UFC 110: Nogueira vs. Velasquez

    IMO I thought prices were cheap this time around, considering ringside seats were at $450 a pop. I think next time they will bring it close to the US event pricing which is around double the rate. They have a foot in the market here now, and have seen how popular it is, so wont hesitate to cash in.
  9. Visions

    no ufc for melbourne?

    Once Brumby see the dollars and the money that it will generate the city and state, he will overturn his decision and welcome UFC with open arms. Money talks for him.
  10. Visions

    UFC 110: Nogueira vs. Velasquez

    At the airport in Sydney about to catch a flight home. Great day yesterday, great fights, highlight was George's win against Stevenson. Crowd went ballistic. Got some nice photos of fighters as they came down the walkway, and made a few fleeting appearances on TV as well. I also bumped into Herb...
  11. Visions

    UFC to Sydney is 2010

    I think that Dana and the organisation misread the Australian market in that they didn't figure out how popular it is here. I think that they thought it wasn't going to sell well, and hence they had very cheap prices for tickets (compared to the American PPV's where they are at least twice as...
  12. Visions

    UFC to Sydney is 2010

    Do you know if there was any presale diamond tix left? If so, I will probably buy the membership just so I'm sure of getting one ringside.