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  1. Papa G

    Best Guitar Solos

    Can we start a best rhythm? Malcolm Young rules this but.. Symphony of Destruction Let there be Rock
  2. Papa G

    Midnight Oil- relevant anymore?

    The problem with Midnight Oil is, when they started it was 95% about the music and 5% about the political message, unfortunately over the years that number has inversed.
  3. Papa G

    Midnight Oil- relevant anymore?

    What odds were you getting that this song would be about Aboriginals? $1.01? Loved the Oils in the 80s. This song isn't very good.
  4. Papa G


    Yep it's a great lick and it's my favourite ABBA song. Also enjoy the little funk bit they throw in about 2 thirds in with the slap bass.
  5. Papa G

    A bands actual best song.

    Let there be Rock is ACDC's best song.
  6. Papa G

    Vale Ric Ocasek

    Surprised nobody has mentioned this. The Cars had some catchy tunes, but far and a way Ric's greatest achievement was marrying Czech supermodel Paulina Porizkova
  7. Papa G

    Are Birds of Tokyo underrated/overrated?

    2 things that make me change stations quicker than anything, women who ring up talkback football stations and Birds of ******* Tokyo. They make my ears bleed.
  8. Papa G

    Best LGBGTIQA band or artist of all time?

  9. Papa G

    B-Sides Rate a band "fleetwood mac"

    The Chain not getting enough love here.
  10. Papa G

    Mainstream was Coolest in the 80s??

    People get too wrapped up in the 80s being all about new wave, new romantices, synth pop etc. Guitar Bands like Van Halen, Guns and Roses, Motley Crew, Def Leppard, ACDC, Bon Jovi and countless others were all incredibly mainstream and popular.
  11. Papa G

    Mainstream was Coolest in the 80s??

    People tend to forget that the 80s saw the rise of the greatest metal acts of all time too. Iron Maiden, Metalica, Slayer, Megadeth. Although not particularly mainstream, some of the most enduring an influential acts of all time.
  12. Papa G

    Mainstream was Coolest in the 80s??

    Yep. Remember back then we only had 4 TV stations, radio and magazines. That was really the only forms of media or consumption. Music was so much more important, popular and less fragmented than it is today. People actively went out and consumed music, either through purchasing records/tapes...
  13. Papa G

    Top 20 biggest selling music artists of all time

    Reminds me of a thread I started 11 years ago. As predicted not much has changed.
  14. Papa G

    Your Top 10 UK Bands of All time

    Yep was listening to the extended version of Fools Gold last night in the headphones. No doubting its brilliance, but they just didnt have the longevity.
  15. Papa G

    Your Top 10 UK Bands of All time

    Just thought of one I left out. The Cult.
  16. Papa G

    Your Top 10 UK Bands of All time

    Criminally under rated, especially in their homeland. Genre defining. The English music press led by the smokers at NME always downplay the massive significance of the British influence on the heavier side of music.
  17. Papa G

    Your Top 10 UK Bands of All time

    Led Zeppelin Iron Maiden Black Sabbath The Rolling Stones Queen Pink Floyd Oasis Dire Straits The Who Supergrass
  18. Papa G

    Your Top 10 UK Bands of All time

    I'd argue the Fleetwood Mac are an English band as they were formed in England and all the original members were English, the couple of Yanks were added later.
  19. Papa G

    Revisit the 1998 Hottest 100

    Very interesting. If you read the article and and look at some of the other charts of the change in tempo, energy and positivity over the years, my assertion that the music has become increasingly bland and dull is vindicated. Not just old man yells at cloud, it's backed up by the stats.
  20. Papa G

    Revisit the 1998 Hottest 100

    Did Triple J make s concious decision to no longer easily accessible alternative music for our convenience? Or is it a case of there being way less good alternative (or even mainstream) music out there? Or do melinials just have sh*t taste in music and they simply cater for that sh*t taste?