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  1. Visions

    Ross Lyon 2022

    As long as he stays away from Collingwood he can go wherever he likes. If we wanted his defensive brand of football we might as well have kept Buckley.
  2. Visions

    Crowds a concern

    Not like there would have been a big crowd anyway. Collingwood’s sh!t form and pathetic game plan has contributed to a natural attrition rate in fans to their games as is! The AFL can be prepared as much as they want. But restaurants and retailers have also prepared, and if restrictions come...
  3. Visions

    Crowds a concern

    Nah, that will change. Reckon they will can the crowds in an announcement tomorrow.
  4. Visions

    Coach Collingwood and Buckley - time to move on

    Just like it did against Brisbane, just like it did against against Sydney...... His gameplan is the reason we are losing games we should have won. Sooner he gets the boot, the better off the club will be. However it seems the morons inside the club seem to have other ideas, and if so the rest...
  5. Visions

    Crowds a concern

    Would have been lucky to get 15,000 people if it was at Marvel. Collingwood are playing such an unattractive game style that its no wonder fans dont want to watch them play live anymore. You want a return on investment, which paying to watch us play a defensive game kicking sideways and...
  6. Visions

    Coach Collingwood and Buckley - time to move on

    His ego won’t let him. There was a reason he had the moniker of FIGJAM bandied about back in his playing days. The difference was he could back it up as a player.
  7. Visions

    Coach Collingwood and Buckley - time to move on

    Way past assumptions here. No chance of making the 8 this year. In fact if Collingwood are better than 2 and 11 heading into the bye, it’s a minor miracle. If Buckley had of taken up coaching the Kangaroos instead of Collingwood at the time, then you can bet your bottom dollar he would have...
  8. Visions

    Opinion Collingwood don't want Adam Treloar... recently signed him to a multi year big $$$ deal.

    Doesn't bring it often enough? You got that right. You cant count on one hand the good games he has had and he turns 30 before next season starts. If any other team wants him, they can have him for nothing. He does my head in as I watch him fluff easy marks and get nudged under the ball every...
  9. Visions

    PORT Adelaide pair Dan Houston and Peter Ladhams are expected to be sanctioned on Thursday for breaking AFL COVID-19 protocols

    Damn shame it didn't. We might have actually had someone in charge the last few weeks who knew what they were doing in the coaching department.
  10. Visions

    Isaac Quaynor injury

    Who says it’s not a banned boot? Just because you wear them doesn’t mean they aren’t illegal. Rules state metal studs can’t be worn, this boot has metal studs, Ralphs tweet states the Swans have even admitted to that. Might be an oversight but it is illegal.
  11. Visions

    AFL Silver Membership Waitlist Number

    I thought the same initially that it could only be done for one year, but I have a gold membership and currently in my 3rd year as absentee. I called the AFL membership department about it at the end of the first year and they said there was no limit at the time on how long you could do it, but...
  12. Visions

    Pies narrowing window, last chance saloon.

    Considering his age and the issues that Beams had (and the powers to be at Collingwood would have known about them), it would have been worth the risk with a late pick and less money, not the rewards we were offering. There was a lot of dissent on the Collingwood board from the day the trade...
  13. Visions

    Pies narrowing window, last chance saloon.

    I’m amazed that the club actually does so well in being contenders considering how our recruiting department keep on making monumental blunders. Beams was one of them, never ever should have taken him back at the expense that was paid for him, most people knew that despite the notions of some...
  14. Visions

    Classic Tom Browne Moments

    This is a fantastic thread. Keep it going. The above post is his career in a nutshell. Nothing but an absolute ambulance chaser, scraping the bottom of dumpsters looking for stories. I remember at Etihad stadium this year after a fight broke in the crowd after the game had finished, Browne...
  15. Visions

    Certified Legendary Thread Sneaking in to the Grand Final............

    This. The attendants, etc are more worried about people trying to scam their way in rather than scam their way out. Thats why they are on the inside. Best time would be the 20 or so minutes before game start when its busy with everyone trying to get in and the attention is focused elsewhere by...
  16. Visions

    News Willie Rioli: tampered with drug testing sample; tests positive for cannabis

    Really struggling to see how Rioli thought he was going to get away with it. Basically you have someone watching you at all times from when you are notified of being selected to do the test. The process is as follows: Notification. Athlete then has to provide sample as soon as possible. Can...
  17. Visions

    Mason Cox Expectations - 2017 And Beyond

    Agree. Slow, hands like concrete, and weak as p!ss in marking contests. Spud. Will be 29yo old by the time next season rolls on. Club cant wait for him to turn good as it wont happen. Unfortunately they will likely persist with him which is one of the reasons why Collingwood will slide back down...
  18. Visions

    Preview 2018 AFL Grand Final - West Coast v Collingwood

    Agree, but we basically played a full game with 21 ourselves as Cox was a witches hat that game and was close to being in the Eagles best. Hopefully he can apply last weeks form instead. Also apart from Goldy, Treloar was rusty as f**k too being his 1st game back. All his kicks were scrubbers...
  19. Visions

    Preview 2018 AFL Grand Final - West Coast v Collingwood

    Nor Nicholls thankfully. He’s the biggest umpire hack going around. Collingwood have lost plenty in the past that have never been avenged, plus Pendles, Sidey and Goldsack will still be smarting from that 2011 loss.