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  1. RussellEbertHandball

    News Michael Voss departs for Carlton

    Carlton have announced Voss has the gig.
  2. RussellEbertHandball

    Resource Massive expectation game - sh*t on the liver delivered, list of games

    Help me out Bigfooty Port fans. I want a list of games that the club has had under the Hinkley era that has been on the big stage, national coverage, big game can set up the season or advancing in the finals and the Nice Flakey Hinkley (NFH) approach sees us fail. Sometimes it ends up a close...
  3. RussellEbertHandball

    Opinion No more flakey flankers

    Message to Cripps and Parker and even CD. Stop chasing flakey flankers. If Dawson is a flakey flanker, I don't want him. They were exposed again last night and most of them gave us nothing. Motlop and Fantasia delivered their usual expensive overpaid flakey efforts in a big final. DBJ, Burton...
  4. RussellEbertHandball

    Universal Love More Beer, More Beer, More Beer ..... The Creed Lager

    Pirate Life and the club have gone into a JV to raise more funds for the club, to help build the new Club Museum and are donating $5/slab for the sale of their new drop The Creed Lager. I reckon it should become a permanent thing, with the local brewer producing a beer where part of the funds...
  5. RussellEbertHandball

    Resource 2021 Finals Ticketing info for all Finals.

    The AFL hasn't announced prices yet but below is last years prices. They will probably freeze the prices, maybe a few $$ increase. When they come up with a new graphic for 2021 I will replace the 2020 below with this years. So adult tickets should be between in $35 and $95 and kids between $10...
  6. RussellEbertHandball

    Resource Ticketing Rd 22 Carlton game

    I know that no announcement has been made, but I thought I'd start an individual thread so it doesn't get buried because when it gets announced what time the game is on, and what the ticketing arrangements are, we might only have 3 or 4 hours notice to book. So if you get an email from the club...
  7. RussellEbertHandball

    Ticketing for Melbourne game.

    3 days to go and we still don't know what's going on . PORT ADELAIDE is expecting notification this morning as to the Adelaide Oval capacity for Thursday night’s game against Melbourne. The club...
  8. RussellEbertHandball

    Summer Tokyo 2021 - General Discussion and Preview Thread (23rd July to 8th Aug)

    Keep hearing on SEN - your Olympic station, XX days to go - it's 44 today. I thought its time to start a general thread and preview of some events in the lead up to Tokyo. Yeah I know it might not go ahead, Japanese people are against it, people will have a whinge about it going on, greed etc...
  9. RussellEbertHandball

    Autopsy Marking the ball inside 50 - catching it and dropping it analysis

    Have been meaning to do this for 3 or 4 weeks but will do the Bulldogs game even if it takes me 3 or 4 days. I will post quarter by quarter in different posts. Time is time left in the quarter as per TV graphic 1ST QUARTER 19.03 Georgiades running back towards goal, 10m gap to his opponent...
  10. RussellEbertHandball

    Universal Love Willem "big willy style" Drew

    Drew's best will be on par with an average Bartel game, at best.
  11. RussellEbertHandball

    News Virtual AGM 12th February from 5.30pm.

    The Port Adelaide Football Club wishes to advise that our Annual General Meeting will be held virtually via a live stream on Friday 12 February at 5.30pm (ACDT). Edit; clarification of 2 AGM's in email on 9th February. THE PORT CLUB AGM will start at 5.30pm (ACDT). PORT ADELAIDE FOOTBALL CLUB...
  12. RussellEbertHandball

    Toast AFL officially hand life membership to Travis, Hoff and Ken

    Free tickets to GF's, finals and other freebies coming their way. The club for some reason held off on acknowledging the Hoff during the year even after he had achieved it. Nine players and...
  13. RussellEbertHandball

    List Mgmt. 2020 Draft - Bidding on Lachie Jones

    Around pick 10 is ok, pick 8 means we might have to go into small deficit if Schofield gets taken between 28-32. If someone bids on UGH and Campbell before's Adelaide's current second pick at 8, then 8 becomes 10. They would bid on Jones with that IMO. If Essendon get a first round compo pick...
  14. RussellEbertHandball

    MVP 2020 Best & Fairest - Thursday 29th October 7.30pm start

    The club has put up the schedule for this year's B&F. Its at the Convention Centre so I assume a couple of hundred people that are employed by the club and their partners are going but it will be a scaled down event. Might be some corporates and coterie groups have been offered/given tickets...
  15. RussellEbertHandball

    Resource 2021 Membership - *56,532 (Audited Membership Record) as at July 28th

    Got an email from the club saying Memberships are out - "Your 2021 membership will automatically renew on Tuesday 24 November 2020." Gonna try and put all different packages in here because if we make finals again, no doubt the question will be who gets what priorities / guarantees. The club...
  16. RussellEbertHandball

    Resource 2020 Finals Ticketing thread

    Thought we should have a thread given we will be playing 2 finals at home and the club reads this board so ask questions in here and maybe the club will respond directly or I can collate the questions and fire them off to the club. 2014 it was open slather at 9am to buy tickets, 2017 they had...
  17. RussellEbertHandball

    Toast Justin Westhoff will retire at end of the year

    Rucci on his segment with Kornes this morning said Hoff will announce his retirement to the players this morning. Might be a little bit more incentive to win the flag and send of the Hoff in style. Good chance he gets picked to play in defence this week. Listen from 4.30 below...
  18. RussellEbertHandball

    Opinion Train with the sprinklers on, buy a few boxes of wrist bands and bottles of grippo

    With the Grand Final in Brisbane, and potential other finals we might play there if things don't go to plan, and the Monday night game against Collingwood at the Gabba, it's time to get ready now for that Brisbane humidity. The humidity on the Gold Coast was 79% for last Saturday night's game...
  19. RussellEbertHandball

    News Ticketing Info Rd 17 Essendon game, Ticket Allocation Tuesday 8th September

    It's on again girls and boys. No news if government will increase crowds from 10k + 2k corporates to 20k + 2k, but the club says its hopeful ie Richo twist Marshall's arm. Dear REH, In Round 17 we celebrate YOU - our Members! It's Member Recognition Round and with thanks to our membership...
  20. RussellEbertHandball

    News Vale Russell John Naismith

    Rexi J who no longer posts here sent me an email and asked me to make this post to acknowledge both playing for the club and fundraising he did via the Swoopers group the club has run for decades to help fund junior development. Russ was highly talented but his career was cut short by a serious...