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  1. Markfs

    Smorgon resigns

    I know clubs have to strive to be better all the time, but I'm not sure anyone can do a better job than Smorgan has done over the years. From the outside, he has appeared to have made some astute decisions at some key times. Although the club hasnt made a grand final in recent times, I doubt...
  2. Markfs

    Should Johnson retire immediately?

    Whatever the club does, it shouldnt just boot him out the door because of his form at the moment. I like the doggies. I've admired Brad for a long time. The team isnt going to win the premiership this year. It would be crazy to end a champion's career because of an over-reaction to a loss...
  3. Markfs

    What went wrong?

    I came over to have a look and I think you guys were on the money with most things. I think Morris might be more important than some experts say. He gives freedom to the other blokes in your back-half. The accountability required to control so many good small forwards seemed to be beyond the...