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  1. Walshawk

    Gold Coast Commonwealth Games 2018

    Ta. Are those straigh stands on the wings temporary or movable?
  2. Walshawk

    Gold Coast Commonwealth Games 2018

    What is with the stands brought in on the wings? Also, are the temp stands staying for this season or coming down straight away?
  3. Walshawk

    2018 Gold Coast SUNS Fixture

    It won't be like that. Most probably three 'away' home games (Cairns, Freo & China), six away games (one @ Gabba) and a bye first 10 rounds, then eight games @ Metricon and five away games rounds 11 - 23.
  4. Walshawk

    News Metricon Stadium and precinct

    Stadium is fantastic but they need to sort out parking. Some people can;t get the bus (e.g. very young kids like me). We knew parking is tight, but there is no signage or anyone to help. We followed the traffic towards the golf club to be told it was full, that we could not turn around, and...