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  1. Markfs

    Game Day St Kilda vs Fremantle

    Great win by the saints. well done to Lenny.
  2. Markfs

    Discussion Sammy Fish bashed unconscious in unprovoked attack

    I agree. What a ridiculous post questioning why he was out. From the report that I read in the Herald, Fisher conducted himself perfectly. I have thought for long time that there are too many lawyers in this world....add another occupation, fitness trainer. p.s. fisher is an excellent player.
  3. Markfs

    Ball left for money

    Actually I thought Ross Lyon was challenging him in the post-grand final speech, where he asked players to give the same committment or he'll move them on... well Luke has "called" him, in poker terms.... It will be interesting to see if they to get him back in the fold.. To the saint's...