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  1. Walshawk

    Discussion Round 1, 2021 - Photos and Discussion

    Have the Giants officially changed from charcoal to black?
  2. Walshawk

    Discussion Round 21, 2019 - Photos and Discussion

    Strange that we announced we would wear the gold + V for all non MCG away games, yet only wore it one. Would not have helped the clash tonight though.
  3. Walshawk

    Resource The "Grand Final Policy" Thread

    And that is a total flip from 2015.
  4. Walshawk

    News Collingwood to wear white jumper in home games against Carlton

    Gold stripes would be Hawthorn, yeah? Strange idea.
  5. Walshawk

    Discussion Round 17, 2018: Photos and Discussion Horrible
  6. Walshawk

    Discussion Round 9, 2018 - Photos and Discussion

    Who knows? I would suggest more jumpers = less profits
  7. Walshawk

    Discussion Round 9, 2018 - Photos and Discussion

    How would wearing white incease revneue. At best we would sell an extra 50 white kids’ tops. We get around $5 per top. That is $250. Sell a few direct, say another $250. Wowee.
  8. Walshawk

    Discussion Round 8, 2018 - Photos and Discussion

    Mother’s Day Sunday.
  9. Walshawk

    Discussion Round 4, 2018 - Photos and Discussion

    Reckon those number refer to the graphic not the jumper. Last week we had the brown graphic v Tigers.
  10. Walshawk

    Discussion Round 3, 2018 - Photos and Discussion

    You asked why have one if they don’t wear it. They will wear it when there is a clash (GWS).
  11. Walshawk

    Discussion Round 3, 2018 - Photos and Discussion

    He never said he was the sole reason. You are being a bully. Of course clubs and manufacturers do market research.
  12. Walshawk

    Discussion Round 3, 2018 - Photos and Discussion

    Why wear it if there is no clash?
  13. Walshawk

    Discussion Round 2, 2018 (Easter Weekend) - Photos and Discussion

    Hawks usually in all brown away v Cats.
  14. Walshawk

    Discussion Finals Series 2017: Photos and Discussion

    Agree a list is needed. If clubs are not happy they need to work with the AFL to find a jumper that works. Or work with the other club. I.e. Hawks could say to GWS, if we ever meet in a GF you can wear your home jumper with white shorts and we will wear our brown away with brown shirts. Clash is...
  15. Walshawk

    Discussion Round 20, 2017: Photos and Discussion

    There were three or four others also in all navy socks. Weird.
  16. Walshawk

    Discussion Worst ever jumper clashes

    Well we will just have to disagree then. I find it hard to watch when one of the 50 or so jumper clashes is on, but this is not one of them. What part of the two jumpers confuses you? It is the bright gold that pops that you can't tell from the white? Did you watch the game or are you just...
  17. Walshawk

    Discussion Worst ever jumper clashes

    Disagree. No clash at all.
  18. Walshawk

    Discussion Worst ever jumper clashes

    Sure, but thread is about the worst ever jumper clashes and there is no clash at all between either Hawthorn jumper and Collingwood.
  19. Walshawk

    Discussion Worst ever jumper clashes

    Is it a clash on TV? Certainly at the game it is nowhere near a clash as the gold is very prominent and cuts through. The front is mainly gold.
  20. Walshawk

    Discussion Round 14, 2017: Photos and Discussion

    The club announced last year that the AFL said we needed a white jumper for GWS, Crows and WC. We wore it v Suns just for the hell of it (we don't play GWS or WC away). Gold or white shorts with home would be fine except v GWS.