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  1. R00StaR

    List Mgmt. 2021 Trade & List Management Thread II - IN: CCJ

    Not sure why Xerri is getting his nose out of joint, if thats true - seems to me the longer term plan is to play both as ruck/forwards.
  2. R00StaR

    List Mgmt. 2021 Trade & List Management Thread I

    Awesome name you got there
  3. R00StaR

    Player Watch #2: Jaidyn 'Sleevo' Stephenson - suffers small fracture in his hip after trying to do mountain bike tricks while pissed in his backyard

    While a valuable forward i much prefer his run through the middle. Maybe he gets more minutes in rotations or just takes a wing, not sure which is better.
  4. R00StaR

    List Mgmt. 2021 Trade & List Management Thread I

    I wouldn't no, i still think Comben will be just as good. Goal kicking mid like Horne is what we need. Take the year to see how much Comben comes on.
  5. R00StaR

    List Mgmt. 2021 Trade & List Management Thread I

    Oh you shouldve just stamped your feet earlier and said no i want. Kidding, i dont really care want you want. My opinion is what id like to see happen.
  6. R00StaR

    List Mgmt. 2021 Trade & List Management Thread I

    If one temporary spot filler makes that big of a difference we aint winning the flag next year, so dont care where we finish. Its about building the list to win flags. Might as well back Comben, if he's injured we play 2 rucks and send 1 forward. Following year King is OOC and then we chase...
  7. R00StaR

    List Mgmt. 2021 Trade & List Management Thread I

    Give Comben the full year, Xerri and Walker can fill a role if needed. Then make a judgement on how our key forwards went, if we still feel the same way go after King. No need to recruit a stop gap when ideally we want Comben playing each week.
  8. R00StaR

    Autopsy Rd 23, 2021 - 44 point loss vs. Crows

    Fumbles, dropped marks, over run the ball, more fumbles all while in 2nd gear. Pretty clear the boys ran out of steam, still a great second half of the year. Thomas great game.
  9. R00StaR

    Player Watch #30: Charlie 'Chom' Comben - out with a broken collarbone (19/08/21)

    Judging by the look from his dog this must be a troll
  10. R00StaR

    Preview 2021 AFL National Draft | NM - #1, #20, #42, #47,#72, #77, #95

    I doubt we'll up for that. Tbh we could easily be bottom 4 next year still, the comp is very even and we're unsure how linear the player growth will be.
  11. R00StaR

    List Mgmt. 2021 Trade & List Management Thread I

    We must close the height pay gap bigotry
  12. R00StaR

    Player Watch #24: Tom Powell - oink oink - signed thru '24 - 4th in AFL best first yr player / NM best 1st yr player @ SBM

    Yep i think our mids will need to rotate forward, not sure that'll be his strength. But as you say cutting through zones etc should be, which has me thinking wing is his spot. Half Back we have a number of options - Perez who looked an absolute jet playing there in the few games we saw him...
  13. R00StaR

    Player Watch #29: Will Phillips - extends contract until end of 2024

    Well Bretty is very astute for a 7 yo, he's like the Greta of the AFL.
  14. R00StaR

    Preview Round 23, 2021 | North Melbourne vs Adelaide @ Adelaide Oval | Sunday, 22 August @ 4.40pm

    Thats great, so its not a season ending injury ;)
  15. R00StaR

    Analysis Pick 1: Jason Horne-Francis vs Finn Callaghan and rest of the field

    He certainly has the evasiveness, balance and acceleration for heavy traffic - nice addition to our midfield. The great thing for mine is theres a real balance between the type of mids they are, you dont feel like theres a sameness.