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  1. dingoboy

    MRP / Trib. Mason Cox - Appeal upheld

    Pretty easy decision.
  2. dingoboy

    MRP / Trib. Mason Cox - Appeal upheld

    Why does the yank have to wait until Tuesday? Been 5 days ffs.
  3. dingoboy

    Prediction Changes vs WCE ~ Round 3 2019

    Yank will get off.
  4. dingoboy

    Collingwood and Richmond - who has the greater supporter base

    Swams then pies according yo latest RoyMorgan stats. Bombers would be close behind.
  5. dingoboy

    Player Watch Daniel Wells, (New role at the Club #3261)

    Been a horrible pick up in all honesty relative to the cash he's on.
  6. dingoboy

    Player Watch Mason Cox

    Looks like hes dating a st lucian netball player now.
  7. dingoboy

    Prediction Changes vs WCE ~ Round 3 2019

    Appleby is pushing for Aish's spot.
  8. dingoboy

    Player Watch Darcy Moore

    Also would prefer darce forward but he is breaking out this season down back. With Dunn gone and Will Kelly not ready he's pivotal now.
  9. dingoboy

    Current injury list

    The German 10 weeks away.
  10. dingoboy

    Beams or Paul Williams?

    Clement for Willo and Crispy for Beams. Not bad. If only Willo came back like Beama did.
  11. dingoboy

    Player Watch Mason Cox

    JDG key forward?
  12. dingoboy

    Player Watch Mason Cox

    The yank had a decent game. I still think we need another key forward though. Ben Reid or Darcy.
  13. dingoboy

    Beams or Paul Williams?

    Similar players both went to different clubs.
  14. dingoboy

    Taylor Adams significant finger injury

    Tay tay reminds me of Tony Francis. Not the most skill but makes such a difference to the side.
  15. dingoboy

    Oppo Camp Tom Phillips (Traded to Hawthorn 2020)

    Wasnt the worst. Varcoe had a stinker.
  16. dingoboy

    Oppo Camp James Aish, (Traded to Freo 2019)

    Apart from a handful of handy games I cant say ive ever seen much from Aish. Get the German back in after his knee injury.
  17. dingoboy

    Autopsy Collingwood v Geelong, Rd 1 2019: Disappointing loss.

    Skills were horrendous. Dutchy degoey sloppy all night. Geez I miss the German's class down back, Aish is an ordinary kick.
  18. dingoboy

    Prediction Changes vs Tiges

    Rowdy amd Varcoe had stinkers.
  19. dingoboy

    Collingwood and Brisbane to have permanent Easter Thursday slot?

    Get the Easter eggs ready to throw at the Paddlepops.
  20. dingoboy

    Current injury list

    Cant see Broomy getting a senior game this year.