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    Teams Rate My SC Team 2020 (Pre-season edition)

    Is there some reason Rankine is still in a lot of teams. Hasnt had a hit out yet and has been on a restricted training program. He surely cant be picked for round 1 one would think. Same with Starcevich too
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    Teams Rate My SC Team 2020 (Pre-season edition)

    Great stat but i cant see any of the 4 players mentioned breaking out. Youll probably get 75-80 out of them at best which is not enough to justify having them
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    Teams Rate My SC Team 2020 (Pre-season edition)

    Keep Dreaming
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    Position 2020 Forwards

    What about Walters???? Discussion was about Wingard so what has Walters got to do with anything
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    Teams Rate My SC Team 2020 (Pre-season edition)

    So every forward rookie is sh*t this year? I am willing to bet there will be forward rookies that will carve out some reasonable scores. So while whitfield is racking up 120s your forward 4 will be averaging about 75 at best.
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    Teams Rate My SC Team 2020 (Pre-season edition)

    Cant see any of those 4 being top 10 by seasons end. Youll be missing out on the big points from Whitfield weekly.
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    Preseason Teams: Rate them, critique them and praise them.

    I think its dangerous not starting with Whitfield. Youll miss out on a stack of points if you choose to pick him up later especially given the fact there is no other forward that could match him for points scored in the forward position. Hes averaged 114 last season and the next best forward 98...
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    Position 2020 Forwards

    Yep informed but but those scores arnt enough to consider him in my book. Are u looking at him being a keeper if he averages 87 throughout the season. I doubt it so youll be looking at upgrading him and wasting a trade. If he averages 87 youll make some minor cash at best. Not worth it i think
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    Position 2020 Forwards

    Uninformed??? How long has Wingard been in the AFL system? 10 years and his had the same role every year which is why hes never been relevant in SC. Why would anything be any different now. He will never be a mid that will score well enough to justify having him
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    Position 2020 Forwards

    Wingards not a mid and will never be one so i am not sure why he would come into calculations. He will give u one decent score every 5 or 6 games as hes far too inconsistant. Hes predominantly a forward and might spend some time in the midfield. Not enough to consider him
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    2020 Midpricers

    Why is so much love for Doedee. I can only see 50s and 60s from him at best from a key pos back. You can get that from a rookie at a fraction of the price
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    Position 2019 Midfielders

    Why would u even consider Sloan. As soon as he plays some gun games he will BE shut down completely and his scoring will suffer. MCrouch is the one that will benefit from it. lock him in
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    Position 2019 Rucks

    Rucks are not positions you want to be wasting trades on. I cant see anyone getting near Grundy and Gawns output so spend the money and watch the points accumilate. For me they are set and forget players. The only other ruck i would consider if you want to go a little cheaper is Martin who is...
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    Position 2019 Defenders

    I think guys like Newman, B. Smith could be decent d4 defenders maybe even add Birchall if hes fit. These guys can and have averaged 90+ before and could well do so now at a reduced price. worth taking a risk on i would imagine
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    Position 2019 Forwards

    Last 12 games means nothing in the scheme of 2019. What did he do at the start of 2018. Absolutely bugger all
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    Position 2019 Forwards

    Yeh cant undestand all the love for Wingard at the moment. I cant see his role changing from what it was at Port. I still think he will spend the majority of the time up forward with brief stints in the midfield which hardly lends itself to any decent scoring. Dont think he has a decent enough...
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    Round 11 Discussion

    Anyone know what Angus Brayshaws price is likely to rise up to after this week?
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    2018 Midfielders

    Armo has never been SC relevant. Shanks the ball too much and he wont have it as easy when the real stuff starts as what he had it in the JLT
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    2018 Forwards

    Cant see Petracca averaging anywhere near 95. Will be used as a key forward mostly and the only key position forward thats averaged better than 95 is Buddy in recent times. I reckon at best he will average around low 80s which is not enough for me to be interested
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    2018 Rate My Team (Post JLT)

    If i see 1 more team with Lachie Keefe i will puke. Seriously this guy has no hope of being a regular in the GWS side this year. Might play a few games and score 30-40 but thats all you can hope for. Our old mate Relton will have a better average than Keefe by the end of the season