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  1. Monocle

    New Jumper design for next season : Castore.

    Club has put up pics of the new jumper from Castore that we will be wearing. I can't say that I am a fan of the contrasting piping on the collars. I wish the Club would stop fu(king with our jumper design.
  2. Monocle

    News Sam Mitchell Heading home at seasons end.

    Just read on the AFL website that Mitchell has informed the Club he is off at seasons end. Anyone know or heard what the go is. I must say I am shocked and disappointed. Polite version.
  3. Monocle

    Game Day WC v Adelaide Game Day.

    Well it would be fair to say that both teams have a seriously bad case of the staggers at the moment. For a team that made "The Big Dance" last yea, the Crows have been serious underachievers in 2018. After a 10 -1 start to the season with a solid 3/4 against the Saints WC, seemed to be...
  4. Monocle

    Dont give s sh*t about the game How is Simpsons daughter.

    Any one who gets any news please post. Family and children's health cut above games won or lost. As a Father my kids come first. Just hoping she is OK.
  5. Monocle

    Season Greeting To All.

    :christmastree::santa::christmastree::santa::christmastree::santa: May I take this opportunity to wish all my fellow poster a happy, safe and enjoyable festive season. Spend time with family and friends, love those close and dear to you, appreciate the things in life that matter most ...
  6. Monocle

    If Starc is rested : Who replaces him ?

    With reports of Starc in doubt for the Boxing Day Test. If this eventuates then who comes in to replace him ? Thoughts.
  7. Monocle

    Vale : Dan Rooney : 1932 - 2017

    I woke this morning to read with a heavy heart that one of the NFL Greatest Owners had passed. We all owe this man a debt of gratitude for his massive contribution to the game we love. To the Steelers faithful condolences . To Woodson in particular Mate we feel your loss. It's people like Dan...
  8. Monocle

    Merry Christmas Fellow Posters.

    May I take the time to wish you all a happy and safe Christmas and Festive Season. Spend time with those who you love and care for. Those of you who are parents embrace your kids and be reminded that children complete your life. Cherish your time with family and friends. Thanks for the...
  9. Monocle

    List Mgmt. Trade Week 2016 - Live Thread

    On the contrary Keyser Soze I would be thrilled and honoured to talk endlessly with you on all things footy.... over a beer or 10 ... alas I am a footy tragic. I respect you football knowledge and insights. Jest aside a night of conversation .... all things football with a few posters on here...
  10. Monocle

    News Tunbridge cops three weeks.

    Cops 2 weeks for the sling and an additional 1 week for clocking him earlier . Pretty stiff I hope the Club fight it.
  11. Monocle

    The Big Footy Mock Draft. What do you want ????

    Hi Guys I have drawn Melbourne is The Bog Footy Mock Draft that commences next Monday. So I thought I would flag in and see what your priorities and player types are. I was thinking a mid with the first rounder. Pretacca would be nice however I think that GWS will take him so how do you feel...
  12. Monocle

    Opinion Next Coach now down to Sumich or Simpson. Who do you want ?

    So who would you prefer ?
  13. Monocle

    1995 Signed Dockers Jumper.. needs a home.

    Hi, I am having a bit of a clean out at home. I scored a 1995 Original Dockers jumper at a Quiz night in 95. Its the red and green panels , white anchor on purple.It has the old VFL and Hard Yakka logos on it. Size 100cm chest. Its signed by: Ben Allen,Daniel Bandy,Scott Watters, Leigh...
  14. Monocle

    WAFL Mini Draft 28.01.11 - Gaff to Souths, Lycett to Peel

    Any one heard where our guys were alligned with ???? Freo Players: 1. Perth -Nick Lower 3. Peel - Peter Faulks 4. Perth-Jayden Pitt 5. Peel-Viv Minchi 7. Subiaco-Jack Anthony 8. WP- Josh Mellington 9. Perth- Gavin Robertson So my guess is : 2. Gaff..Perth 6. Lycett. East Freo...
  15. Monocle

    Training Wednesday 7.45 am 05.01.11 Claremont Oval.

    Just got back from watching the guys train although I left at 9.20 am and they were still going. Got there early to see some in close eye hand co-ordination work and then some general stretching. Interesting that Brown , Nicoski and Ebert were doing some specific screening drills from...
  16. Monocle

    So who do you want in the PSD.

    Now that Hansen has been delisted and that frees up a spot on our main list. Who do you want us to draft? Chalwell.. Andreoli..... I suspect that we would very much have a target in mind... who do you think it may be ?
  17. Monocle

    Past player - Ben McKinley (2006 - 2010)

    He is starting to show the footy smarts that I always new he had.:footy: He now seems fit and confident..... and he has learnt a trick or two at AFL . His decision making has now arrived at AFL standard. Make no mistake he is a vital part of our new forward structure. Any of you who...
  18. Monocle

    What's with the Clash Jumper at Home . FFS

    Let me get this off my chest.:mad: Whilst I am not a particular fan of our new white clash jumper ( would much prefer the yellow peril as a clash jumper ) I can see a need for the idea. But last night why the hell were we not wearing either of out other blue dominant jumpers. If there was...
  19. Monocle

    Great to see Pods get his first game.

    I think this is a great story for persevance and persistance. Been around the mark for a decade. I have enjoyed watching him in the VFL for years and often thought he could make it at the next level , any way good on him and all the best.:thumbsu:
  20. Monocle

    RIP Peter Ryan

    Sad news for The North Melbourne Football Club. Peter Ryan passed away yesterday after a brave fight against a very debilitating disease. For those Melbourne based supporters you may not know who Peter was. Peter was part of the Roo's support in Perth. Peter would greet them at Perth...