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  1. HTT

    Autopsy Geelong defeated by Tigers by 31 points.

    Commiserations on last nights result but congratulations on a fantastic season in trying times. Even last night you were far from disgraced, only blew out a little at the end because you had to go for the win. Ultimately you can be proud of your players for the season they put together. As for...
  2. HTT

    Review Geelong defeats Lions by 40 points for a GRAND FINAL BERTH in 2020

    Its on catters. Winner gets Shaun Grigg.
  3. HTT

    Preview Geelong vs Richmond, Saturday 12th August, 2:10pm @ Simonds Stadium

    G'day fellas, sorry for the intrusion, good luck for this Saturday. Until last week, I wouldn't have thought us a chance against you, but if Melbourne can beat north-- oh yeah righto. I wouldn't be so pessimistic, there's still plenty going your way. Firstly the hoodoo, secondly it's (rightfully...
  4. HTT

    Game Day Round 1 - Geelong v Hawthorn

    If there's one thing you've got its support of the general public. Umps have been an absolute joke today, if you somehow start getting some frees you'll run right over them