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  1. 1954

    Something else to ward off the boredom - best Port high marks

    I have seen some rippers over the years, numerous great marks by Russell Ebert, Brian Luke on the member's wing of Thebarton oval in the early 1960's, and Keith Spencer when he stood on top of a pack of Norwood players at Adelaide oval in the late 60's. A pic of the Spencer mark was on display...
  2. 1954

    My list of out the door A.S.AP.

    Yeah I know it's all been said before but we need to keep the pressure on these campaigners while we still have a club to support 1. Koch - this clown is the biggest threat to our heritage and our future, too many more years of him and I fear it WILL be Southern Power here we come. 2. Hinkley -...
  3. 1954

    At the huge risk of being called an old campaigner!

    Is anyone else having trouble opening the new format? I start off with an easy to read list of threads on a standard off white background, but as soon as I attempt to open one it goes straight to a dark background of an ISC jumper with a Renault logo on it, and with the text darker than the...
  4. 1954

    2nds Chad's First SANFL Review

    Chad's comments on who did, or didn't play well were refreshing, he wasn't happy with the performance of a number of players, he was critical of Butch, the Hoon, and a couple of others, even Summo copped a bit of a bake.
  5. 1954

    Lest We Forget

    My uncle in Melbourne sent me the war records of my two great uncles who fought at Gallipoli and France, last week. Les B****** born July 1890 enlisted Geelong Jan 1915 embarked Melbourne HMAT Wiltshire 13/02/15 joined Pioneer battalion 22/04/15 wounded in action Gallipoli 13/07/15 discharged...
  6. 1954

    Does anyone know who this person was?

    I picked up a speedo cable a couple of weeks ago from a supplier down the port, who has been around for 50 plus years and used to sell new minis in the mid 60's for $40 deposit and $40 per month. Older posters will probably remember which company I am referring too. There is a white Triumph...