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  1. RAPPA

    First Choice Ruck - Pitto vs TDK

    TDK is like a kelpie puppy - great athleticism, can leap and jump high but over exerting himself without getting the desired output. A solid pre season should hopefully see him develop the ruck craft and build on the smarts.
  2. RAPPA

    Opinion Names on Back of Jumpers

    Even with names on the back, BT would still get the names wrong
  3. RAPPA

    Prediction 2022 ladder after 23 rounds

    Adelaide were tracking well but fell away towards the end of the season. They need to find a replacement for Tex. Thilthorpe will develop but they really struggled for avenues (barring the lag game vs Roos) towards goal once Tex was suspended. Brisbane will be up there again. Good age profile...
  4. RAPPA

    Past 5. Sam Petrevski-Seton

    Whipping boy for many. Always had a soft spot for him. Hope he excels at weagles. If he starts kicking 40+ metres on a regular basis I’ll be tearing my hair out tho.
  5. RAPPA

    Mandatory Vaccinations And Medical Exemptions

    I copped it as an adult. Boy oh boy I couldn’t restrain myself from bursting some of those blisters. That was a fun week…
  6. RAPPA

    Mandatory Vaccinations And Medical Exemptions

    wife had a colleague at work. A teacher. Copped Covid. Experienced irreparable cognitive issues as a result. Cannot teach anymore.
  7. RAPPA

    When will the Carlton FC Arrive? Part 2

    Dunno. Knowing Carlton, they'll play Cerra at full back.
  8. RAPPA

    When will the Carlton FC Arrive? Part 2

    Ash Hansen seems like a good get to add to the coaching ranks. Tim Clarke and Hamill on the other hand, not so much. Time will tell.
  9. RAPPA

    AFL Grand Final How have the Bulldogs managed to avoid criticism?

    Every club's lowlight lives in perpetuity on BigFooty. Every single club has them and every supporter will cop some lip from opposition supporters at some point in relation to those lowlights.
  10. RAPPA

    Rumour Charlie Curnow to Richmond

    Perfect tutelage for him in the Tuggers’ forward line. Learn from Jack to excel at whinging, and learn the dirty scum tactics from Lynch.
  11. RAPPA

    News Lewis Young requests trade to Carlton

    In keeping with our long, rich tradition of playing players out of their position, Lewis Young is going to make a fine inside midfielder.
  12. RAPPA

    When will the Carlton FC Arrive? Part 2

    You also made off field changes, including bringing in Williams. The people you assemble around the head coach are just as critical. Teague IMO could not cut it as a head coach but at the same time he was not helped by the assistants around him.
  13. RAPPA

    When will the Carlton FC Arrive? Part 2

    When May fronted up to the Dees unfit and lacking the required standards of professionalism, including because IIRC he was going through a break up, Goodwin didn’t molly coddle him with the arm around the shoulder and tel him everything was going to be okay. He went down the tough love route...
  14. RAPPA

    List Mgmt. 2021 List Management

    as much of a detractor I’ve been of LOB, he did show good signs in the final few games and he has attributes that we desperately lack - namely, run and clinical, precise kicking. He has a lot more upside than Newnes and if it is true that Newnes has activated a trigger for a contract extension...
  15. RAPPA

    Radio 1116 SEN 2021 Line-up

    coach nick is up there too. I hope he coaches businesses better than he delivers his ads.
  16. RAPPA

    Mandatory Vaccinations And Medical Exemptions

    perhaps with a solid few years of additional testing, a more powerful vaccine is developed. Just ride it out and don’t die. Quite simple :P
  17. RAPPA

    Rumour Charlie Curnow to Richmond

    Clearly not chasing success if that’s the case.
  18. RAPPA

    Welcome Welcome to Carlton George Hewett

    By George! I think we have a good one. Of all the FA signings, we’ve finally landed a player that is durable, established, consistent and on money that potentially is lower in value compared to output.
  19. RAPPA

    We have Voss, now we have the Assistants...

    I thought there were quite a few reservations to the idea of bringing him in. Anyway, ball is rolling. We'll see how it pans out. Shame that Essendon got shooting star Rance.
  20. RAPPA

    TV The Front Bar (2020)

    Titus will have to bin all the jokes he had in his artillery about never seeing any success as a Dees fan, the drought etc.