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    Tim the Toolman's Gold Coast Rumour

    Is there any more things from Michael's private life you'd like to share with the world? :thumbsd: He heard about this thread and wasn't very pleased about his private affairs being spread all over the place. Even if a family member told you this information in private it's nobody's business on...
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    Lions Reserves 2010

    No excuses this weekend people to get out and see the 2's have a run at Mt.Gravatt. After their win last weekend, a few hundred more might perk 'em up for another one. :thumbsu::footy:
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    Preview AFL Round 17 Geelong V Brisbane Lions

    :D:thumbsu: Say no more.
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    Retired Ashley McGrath (2000-2014)

    Congrats on the 150th and the life membership Boonji. :thumbsu: Have a great game. :) Looking forward to the speech on best and fairest night. :eek:
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    Past Luke Power (1998-2011)

    Re: Luke Power A 250 milestone is rare these days. The boys should be lifting themselves for this bloke to be a winner in his big game. Congrats Wukey/Finger :thumbsu::footy: You're a champion on and off the ground, accept when you won't let me into training. :D:p:footy:
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    Toast Matt Maguire Appreciation Thread

    :thumbsu: Thankyou finally. Go Hawk. :D:footy:
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    Preview AFL Round 9 Adelaide V Brisbane Lions

    Woo Hoo ... Go Acorn. :thumbsu::footy:
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    Getting rid of the Gabba cricket pitch

    They better not move the ressie games away from the Gabba. :mad::mad::mad::mad: :thumbsd::thumbsd::thumbsd::thumbsd: And if they do, they better make their "HOME" games at Coorparoo. :mad: Why don't they just move ressie game to a later time and the senior game to the 7.40pm start...
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    MRP / Trib. Maguire Suspended for 1 Week

    My thoughts exactly. :mad::mad::thumbsd:
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    Thinking of getting a banner made

    Yeah, I agree Mr. Dog that one is not the best. :footy:
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    Thinking of getting a banner made

    Now that's funny, I like it. I like it alot. :D:thumbsu:
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    Thinking of getting a banner made

    You don't need lots of money, make your own banners. Mr. Ripper and myself made stacks of 'em years ago out of cardboard, glitzy contact paper, cheap plastic table cloths (Big W) and lots of cheap wide sticky tape from Crazy Clarks or Overflow. Made the letters by enlarging fonts on the...
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    Thinking of getting a banner made

    I love banners. Not enough of 'em around the Gabba. Could do with stacks more in the cheer squad area. Nothing goes on there anymore. :thumbsd: I look at the cheer squads round the country, we don't have anything like those guys, except floggers. :rolleyes: More banners, more flags, and...
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    MRP / Trib. Maguire Suspended for 1 Week

    Re: Matt Maguire :o Oh, that's strange. :confused:
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    MRP / Trib. Maguire Suspended for 1 Week

    Re: Matt Maguire F'ing sh*te decision. :mad::mad::mad::mad::footy: WTF is going on? That's 4 of our players suspended this season. :thumbsd: Didn't Bolton belt Joely Pat at some stage during the game??? :confused::confused: Talk about inconsistent. I'd take the 1 week. They have never...
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    Banfield for the new Logo?

    Stuff the logo. :thumbsd: Go the Rangaaaaaaaaa. All class kid. :D
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    Delisted Todd Banfield (2008-2013)

    Congrats young Ranga Banfield. Bout bloodin' time. :D You couldn't be denied again this week. Great stuff buddy. :thumbsu::footy:
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    Lions Reserves 2010

    Actually, he put himself on a diet, it had nothing to do with me. I decided to go on it with him for support. He's done extremely well and lost 16 kilo's since early March. :thumbsu: I have to tell you it's been hard for him to give up the pies and hot chips at the footy. But he's come through...
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    Lions Reserves 2010 :thumbsu:
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    Preview AFL Round 6 Sydney Swans V Brisbane Lions Official Thread

    Great stuff, Matty Austin. :thumbsu: He's been working hard in the 2's and on the training track and deserves his shot. Pearce, unlucky pal. Keep up the great work though. :( Amon? Hmmm, no match fitness. Worm a no show on the training paddock. Not sure about those two. :confused...