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  1. dct66

    Discussion Let's talk about our debt

    We have talked about our debt previously and while there was footy we could service that debt while waiting for the success that would allow us to do something about reducing it. Now without footy our debt is hanging over our heads like the Sword of Damocles. Other team's supporters and some...
  2. dct66

    Resource St Kilda TPC (Total Post Count)

    Much was made recently of the Saints board passing the 1M posts mark and in the next few months we should overtake Brisbane's Total Post Count (TPC). They are less than 14.000 ahead of us at the moment. After that it is a long slog to overtake Fremantle and the Western Bulldogs. Since Nov...
  3. dct66

    Strategy Time and Space - The Tactics that Shaped Australian Rules

    I'm reading a fantastic book at the moment by James Coventry - Time and Space - The Tactics that Shaped Australian Rules - And the Players and Coaches who Mastered Them. Goes right back to the first days of Aussie Rules and tracks how tactics have evolved and influenced successful teams...
  4. dct66

    Training BT66 @ Open Training - 24 Aug 2017

    * Mods * - Please delete if this thread is inappropriate. Brains Trust66 and I ventured down to Seaford for the open training session today. I had a great time and I think BT did too. Posted with BT's permission. As Hugh Goddard's player advocate it was appropriate that Hugh signed BT's...
  5. dct66

    Eli and Brodie sign with Port Melbourne

    As a Port Melbourne supporter I'm thrilled to see Eli Templeton and Brodie Murdoch have been signed by the Borough.
  6. dct66

    The Gresh Up For Goal of the Week - Vote Now

    The first part of the Gresham GOTW / Rising Star Nomination quinella is in play. He's up again for Goal of the Week.
  7. dct66

    Discussion Turnovers are Costing Us - AFL Stats for Rounds 1-4

    The AFL has released stats on turnovers this season so far. These are the Saints stats. Points conceded from turnovers in 2016: 73 (ranked 17th) Giveaways (turnovers from an error): 116 (ranked 16th) Most turnovers this season: Jack Steven...