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    Kathleen Folbigg

    Scientists call for convicted baby killer Kathleen Folbigg to be pardoned, released...
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    The cases of Colin Manock - SA

    Calls mount for a royal commission into SA’s former forensic pathologist. Early one morning in April 1984, a rower discovered the body of Stephen Docoza in Adelaide’s River Torrens. It had been submerged in the water for several days. It was already beginning to putrefy. The following year...
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    Is there a serial killer in the outback?

    My friend and I have been complying a list of missing/found deceased persons in the NT, many vanished from the Stuart highway region - this is what we have listed so far with many more names to add.:huh: If the link doesn't open I will insert screenshots...
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    Kieffen Owen

    Who killed this sweet little boy? Kieffen Owen Jayden Raggett (pictured below) was 8 years old when he went missing from his home in Borroloola on the 2nd of October 2007. He was found dead two days later, his body half submerged in a...