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  1. Papa G

    David Warner

    I'm no fan of Clarke but wanting to leave before that silly vomit inducing "Under the Southern Cross" crappola, I'm sympathetic to him on this one.
  2. Papa G

    Standard of WBBL?

    About Boys Under 13s level although there would probably be some 13 year old bowlers that had developed that would scare the sh*t out of most WBBL bats women.
  3. Papa G

    Quickest Bowlers? Today or Yesteryear?

    Honestly back in the day very few guys got hit in the head. There's a wide held theory that because they didn't wear helmets, they were way batter at getting out of the way. These days players hit front foot pull shots off fast bowlers because they have the protective gear. Also, Old Mikey...
  4. Papa G

    Quickest Bowlers? Today or Yesteryear?

    Holy sh*t. That second delivery. He really could have killed him. Very courageous from Close.
  5. Papa G

    Your 5 Favourite Cricketers

    All Time Allan Border Viv Richards Curtley Ambrose Wasim Akram David Gower Honourable Mentions: Jayasuriya, Botham, VVS Laxman, Garner, Marshall...actually pretty much the entire 1984/85 West Indies team
  6. Papa G

    England VS Australia (5 ODIs)

    Terrible batting, George Bailey was awful to watch. Was he trying to hit the ball to fielders?
  7. Papa G

    Brad Hodge - Again

    Jesus Hodgy, if you were wanting overt Victorian bias, you should of just stuck with Aussie Rules.
  8. Papa G

    Morkel racially abused.

    The guy was actually charged with trans species cullinary abuse for calling him Tuna.
  9. Papa G

    Underrated Australian Cricketers

    Is Alan Border under rated? I remember him being the only one to stand up to the West Indians in the early 80's when every other batsman just looked scared - I greatly admired him for that. Became a bit of prick in later years and has the personality of a newt, but I really admired him...
  10. Papa G

    Favourite cricketing moments

    Seeing the West Indian teams of the early 1980's. I don't care what anyone says, there has never been a better cricket side.
  11. Papa G

    The Difference between Australia and India

    For those too young to remember the West Indian teams of the early 80's you really need to STFU. When Courtney Walsh is your worst bowler and Clive Lloyd is your worst batsman, you know you've got a very very good team. I doubt there will ever be a team of such quality put together again. The...
  12. Papa G

    Eastern State cities hogging the one-day matches

    From what I can tell through fixturing over the last decade or 2, based on who gets what in both tests and 1 day matches, the ACB rates the grounds as thus: 1. MCG/SCG 2. Adelaide Oval 3. WACA/GABBA 4. Bellrieve
  13. Papa G

    A team of your all time favorite players.

    Chris Tavere Geoff Boycott Arjuna Ranatunga Hansie Cronje Mohammed Azharuddin Salim Malik Greg Dyer Manoj Prabhakar Phil Tufnell Andre Nel Javagal Srinath
  14. Papa G

    Supporting another country?

    Because most (not all) of the cricketers who spend a reasonable amount of time in the Australian cricket team are boorish arrogant knobs who think they are better than everyone else. It is the nature of cricket in this country and it's culture - it is a self fulfilling prophecy that is passed...
  15. Papa G

    Supporting another country?

    Blind patriotism can be a dangerous thing - if you disagree with what an entity is doing, if you dislike the way they go about things, in a democratic society it is your right to oppose it.
  16. Papa G

    Which Aussie?

    The brown nosed gnome
  17. Papa G

    Peter Roebucks calls for Ponting to be sacked

    It was probably called un Germanic not to blindly follow Hitler as well. Okay I realise this is an enormous leap, but to blindly follow ones countries team no matter what their antics is questionable. To tell you the truth, unless we are playing the Poms or the Safers, I have found myself...
  18. Papa G

    Rate A State (in terms of contributing to national talent):- QUEENSLAND

    For a state the size of Victoria, you would have to say they have greatly underachieved in Test representation.
  19. Papa G

    Emburey says : stop emerging Aussies from benefiting from county cricket

    I think the point he might be making is that they get to play cricket all year round which will enhance their skills. Poms can do the same over here with Grade cricket, but I would suggest county is of a higher standard than grade cricket.
  20. Papa G

    Mark Nicholas

    He also shows little to no bias - apart from Richie, can this be said of anybody else?