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    G Half Full

    AFL killing footy :p bring back VFL -let the others play amongst themselves
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    Channel 7 Coverage - Essendon v Fremantle

    get real - channel nine ha - Cometti & SPecial Bruce and it is live into SYdney. I turn down the sound on the incompetents at CH10 but on Cometti??? You are a moron
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    :D Chad Cornes. If any danger of going to the SCG and witnessing the mind-boggling boring Swans style of play has been removed (as it is not working this year) then yeah! Nothing was coming out of the centre (They missed Ball and the ball) and Williams was missing as well. Wakelin did...
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    Channel 10 - How come they employ their commentators?

    I came online to see how the Bombers were doing and spotted two threads that got me nodding in agreement - one is the questioning of the crowd size at that terrific Doggies/Dees game and the other is this one ......... I turn the sound off with CH 10 and listen to the ABC if by some miracle...
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    What Keane (allegedly) said...

    Keano - a star - the reason with Giggsy and Christiano that I still turn on a United game The rest should go into the hall of mirrors and have a long hard look at themselves. Prince William should move over and give Keane his new gig. Bit rough on Ruud though - he's been superlative for...
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    Curb Your Enthusiasm

    i saw a bit of the first show the other week. I don't find it as amusing as Seinfeld but it is more L.A. than NuYawk. As a lot of time I could relate to Seinfeld, this character is obviously meant to be just annoying. It's fun to see the celebs though. As Ch9, like their late night...
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    Port v Brisbane?

    :D Like he said. But I'm tipping Brisbane.
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    What's your favourite Alfred Hitchcock movie?

    Notorious Rear Window and To Catch a Thief are all class. I also like the quirky pre-hollywood ones : The Lady Vanishes; Young and Restless etc.
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    AFL coverage on internet radio and both used to have games before the site was taken over by greedy Telecom and now the site blocks the other radio sites from broadcasting games (great way to promote the game...block people listening to it...genius at work) You can still...
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    Control is being lost.

    You don't get it. Footy's tribal ....not logical.
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    Name This Movie II

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    Most Over-rated player in the AFL

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    What should we expect to see on TV over summer?

    Saw an ad for Joan of Arcadia. Keep hearing about it form the States. Anyone know anything about it? I'llh ave to read some sarcastic recaps on to find out what its all about.
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    What is the most beautiful word in English?

    Tomorrow ......or chocolate
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    Know anything about ACER?

    My trusty old PRESARIO died and I have been looking at ACER Extensas and Travelmates....Don't know from ACER. Anyone got one? Also is having Centrino Mobile really worth it? You need an extra hub or something? ANd then I guess you get Unwired. Is all this worth it if there is only a few...
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    Question about Myst

    I love Wombats...I will have to find out how to get a avatar...mine was great but lost in a dead laptop. Frodo...if it is easy I must have not gotten the notes to it cauase I just wander around the island flipping switches and reading books...I don't even know what the myst you're supposed...
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    Question about Myst

    funny that you started this thread...I got a copy about 97 and tried to get further than the underground chamber with something under liquid and some switches on the wall but I could make nothing of it and gave up. Sick of walking round that stupid island. I tried again about six months ago but...
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    OLd Hitchcocks on ABC this week

    I taped them and I think I have seen the wonderful 39 Speps one too many I feel asleep watching it last night. But Sabotage!!!...was that a wierd eerie flick or what?
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    Sunrise Sucks

    Yea you right. But this eastaugh guy has got to be joking ...Steve Leibman would have nothing but rugby on Today as he calls the poxy sport. ALso let me tell you, Ch 7 has almost more footy on than ch9 in Sydney...Ch9 has been a nightmare for Sydney footy lovers. Like Packer is going to take...
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    Sunrise Sucks

    Re: Sunrise doesn't Suck as Much as Today Before Sunrise, I would've never dream of turning of the TV in the morning cause I find the woman on Today unlikable and Steve boring...have caught a few Sunrises and now occasionally turn it on after swimming and before work . For What It's Worth, I...