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  1. SandyToes

    Players we broke or were broken when we got them

    You could probably start with Daniel Harris O'Meara Bocke Malceski Hanley Swallow Witts Hombsch Ablett Rowell I'm tired already Will be delighted to add Hartlett to the list if he comes
  2. SandyToes

    Is it Moonboot Season on the Gold Coast?

    That time of the year when there's no hope , your manager is on speed dial, and a young man's fancy turns to greener pastures Just wrap those shoulders, knees and ankles up in cotton wool and stay safe for the last 8 weeks is the word down the line
  3. SandyToes

    Pre Season 2020

    Backs:Thompson Ballard Collins Hombsch Lukosius with Weller Ah Chee Harbs and yes maybe Dawson Mids : A someone good mid from somewhere, Swallow ,Fiorini ,Miller,MacPherson,Bowes,Brodie,Lemmens,Ainsworth,Powell Forwards :Sexton, King,Rankine??, Wright,Day,Martin,Holman and a couple others...
  4. SandyToes

    A graders past present and future

    Really created this thread to send a shout out to Harbs and how grossly underrated he's been over the years A grader IMO
  5. SandyToes

    Are We Benefitting from the 666 rule?

    Pondering this Witts gets good hitout stats and maybe our younger bodies aren't being swamped by opposition big bodies Dunno
  6. SandyToes

    Autopsy Tàiyáng gǎng ā dé lái dé zhōngguó shànghǎi 2018 nián 5 yuè 19 rì

    I hesitate to open this thread I feel like I'm opening a doomsday thread Anyway It is what it is 2018 Round 9 May 19th in Shanghai 2017 written all over it
  7. SandyToes

    Suns vs Port Adelaide Shanghai 2018

    Quite interested in going but would love to know how you get hold of a ticket? thurls64 ?
  8. SandyToes

    Autopsy R5. Gold Coast vs Adelaide, Metricon April 22 4.45pm

    ANZAC round? Rocket will be looking to rotate the hell out of the midfield to try and work the Crows over you'd think
  9. SandyToes

    Very Pleasing

    It's the morning after and I'm still pinching myself
  10. SandyToes

    Review Rd 3, GCS vs Hawthorn - Metricon Stadium Sunday April 9 4.40pm

    In Anyone who gives a sh*t Out Anyone who doesn't
  11. SandyToes

    Preview Rd. 6 Suns vs Geelong @ Simonds Stadium

    Changes? Depends on injuries I guess Hopefully Dion will be recovered I suggested in the NEAFL thread the guys pushing up would be Stanley for his grunt and to provide some protection for Gaz and Dion Garlett Schade Leslie I don't think they'll make too many changes - maybe a couple forced...
  12. SandyToes

    Preview Rd 5. Suns vs North Melbourne @ Metricon

    If Rocket persists with Lemmens we know he has seen something the rest of us haven't The guys pushing up from NEAFL will be Grant Russell Tape Shaw Matera 2MP Currie Russell never ever gives up on a contest. Seb Tape has struggled with the pace of AFL, but again, will die for the cause Grant...
  13. SandyToes

    Matchday Suns Passes

    Hi Can anyone tell me what the process is to use my Suns Passes? I got an SMS from the Club the other day that directed me to a dead web address and there is literally zero information on the membership site(well that I could find after an hours searching) cheers Sandy
  14. SandyToes

    Preview Round 9 (Yes....really!) Suns vs Hawks in Launceston Sat May 30

    Tom Lynch's first game back last night and boy did it look like it Currently we have one marking target in the forward 50...Dicko +/- Sexy I guess Should Peter Wright get a call up to ease the pressure on Tom or just cotton wool him until the back half of the season against a less lethal...
  15. SandyToes

    Goal review

    If we needed anymore proof it's a complete waste of time in our game then yesterday at the G proved it Rory Thompson knocks the ball through and they call a review The evidence was clear but they still couldn't bring themselves to make the right decision It's ridiculous
  16. SandyToes

    Pineapple Grapple Votes

    1 Gazza 2 Dave Swallow 3 Maysie 4 Sam Day 5 Harbs 6 Jaeger Kolodjashnij and Fish Matera nearby
  17. SandyToes

    Isaac Rokeby

    Fill us in Can obviously kick goals (I continue to be massively relieved we moved Zorko on...list clogger)
  18. SandyToes

    Browny 6 Watch Maxwell Walk

    Dirty sniping animal playing for a gutter team breaks a kids nose 50m off the ball But watch him walk Disgusting Should go for 12
  19. SandyToes

    Brown gets 6 weeks for that?

    I mean WTF? Change your name Browny...just ridiculous
  20. SandyToes

    Congrats Jarrod Harbrow 100 games

    Today vs Swans Cairns boy made good Well done to him. One of our elite group who has gone to the next level this year with improved disposal and on-field leadership.