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    Lachie Neale Gold Brownlow Predictor - Select 2020

    I have this card. Guernsey numbered! 009/140! Any thoughts on value?
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    List Mgmt. Our 2024 Premiership team

    Thought this might be an interesting project and discussion on the future of our current list. The idea being that this list is continually fluid and aims to highlight where our deficiencies lie. Planning our Best 22 team for he 2024 premiership! A few rules: - Players selected must not be...
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    Roast R5 2019 Bottom of the ladder

    Well, there you have it!
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    Think Tank The Bont - Most overrated!

    Whilst our so called "experts" of the game continually swoon over The Bont, we, the bay bretheren are not so easily fooled. We see through his large physique and flowing locks and are presented with the complete fraud he is. You see, as of half time in today's game against Carlton, The Bont...
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    Solved Smileys / emojis: Button greyed out in post editor box.

    The emoji's are no longer available when i am posting on mobile. Doesn't matter if i'm using Explorer or Chrome. Why?
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    Education & Reference GD Words of Wisdom

    I'll start Never make eye contact while eating a Banana
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    Racing Melbourne Cup eve form review - starts 8pm Monday night

    Ok. Lets see how this goes. In this thread we will collectively give our opinions on each runners chances at the same time. Beginning at 8pm, i'll allocate 5mins per runner for everyone to have their say. In order for the thread to be easier to read, please only post your thoughts on each...
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    Retailers upselling

    Now... this is not a dig at retail staff. I get you are just doing what you are told to do. There is nothing more frustrating! Every time you buy fuel it's "do you want Mentos/ Chocolates/ Tic Tac gum/ whatever! This is just one example. I've never found myself where i've been in a situation...
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    Send your apologies to Nafan here Collingflogs

    No doubt over the journey, nearly every Collingflog supporter here would have called for Nafan's head at some point. Here is your chance to send your most sincerest of apologies....
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    Think Tank Alright... so who's responsible for that terrible trumpet crap in the West Coke team song?

    As if their team song wasn't completely sh*t to start with... I see they've now added some horrible trumpet crap! It has now become a whole new level of unbearable! Who could possibly be responsible for this insipid noise pollution? Get in here West Coke fans and defend this deplorable song of...
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    Analysis Which clubs deserve a priority pick?

    The below table represents clubs' 2018 player lists To understand the "Points Ladder", I have awarded 5 points for a Top3, 3 points for Top4-10, 2 points for Top11-18 and 1 point for 2nd round. Most teams have players that fall outside of the points classification due to the nature of which...
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    Health Do you get the Flu Vaccination?

    Got the Flu Vaccination for the first time ever yesterday because they offer it free at work. Been hearing some absolute horror stories since about people getting sick shortly afterwards.... there are 3 people in my immediate team that refuse to get it because of their past experiences. So far...
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    2018 Movers and Shakers predictions

    For a bit of fun, i thought we could predict 3 players you think will rise the ranks in 2018 and 3 players that will have a fall from grace. For mine: Improvers: L. Parker - will be 600k+ at the end of the year. Libba - back to his best 550k R. Gray - 600k by the end of the year #1 ranked...
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    Your Supercoach strategy for 2018

    Personally I'm thinking a Premo/ Rookie strategy. Also thinking of sacrificing my forwards to beef up my premo's in the Midfield and Defense. I really don't place a great deal of value in most of the premo forwards this year in comparison to mids and defenders and judging by the way they...
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    Racing Betting rules on racing that serve you well

    Just like Paris' loathing of 3 year olds in WFA group races, what personal betting rules do you have that serve you well. For mine, i don't back horses that won their maiden at their previous start.
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    The grammar nazi thread

    These seem to be happening more and more often. For one in particular, it comes up with astounding regularity and consistency. Lose and loose! So to clear things up. Some people wear loose fitting pants You can win or lose a bet Your team can be losing But loosing is not a word...
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    The no trades left club

    Well... with Sandi done for the year, Greene looking at an extended period on the sidelines and Waite with his "old man" injuries all in the one week, here I am! Time to blow off the dust and stoke the fireplace before grabbing a stiff drink and relaxing on the couch. Feel free to join me! As...
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    Science/Environment Superbugs and antibiotic resistance

    This could be shaping as one of the biggest threats to society in the future... in fact it is aready happening now. We are surrounded by superbugs resistant to nearly all or even worse... all antibiotics available on the market. Previous diseases that use to be easy to cure.... tb for example...
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    Happy Chinese New Year Floggos!

    Get some cultcha into ya! Great Food! Great Entertainment! Great Fun! Hot Chicks! What more could you ask for? So go put that unopened VB back in the fridge, change out of that 3 day old singlet and get ready for a life changing experience you flogs!
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    What did we learn from this years Spring Carnival?

    I don't have anything to say here yet I am completely miffed! But fire away if you have any words of wisdom to share. Think of this as a time capsule to reflect upon next year...