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    Mea Culpa! (The Apologies Thread)

    This thread is for those who wish to cleanse themselves of any erroneous opinion expressed on BF over the 2021 season whether it arose from misjudgement, alcohol induced emotion and/or blatant stupidity. Please note that I have limited the thread to the 2021 season only (including the...
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    2019 Pre-season Time Trial

    Does anyone know whether the club has undertaken the Time Trial(s) yet? Do they publish the results anywhere?
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    Melbourne Monarchs

    Does anyone else remember our baseball team, the Melbourne Monarchs, in the early 90s? Footscray owned the team which played in the (now defunct) Australian Baseball League and was based at the Altona Stadium. I think we won the national championship in 1992 or 1993. They were the glory days...
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    Longest period between flags for a player?

    What is the longest period between flags for a player? If NM win this year, it will be 16 years between flags (1999 and 2016) for Harvey. And at the same club! That must be a record.
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    The Women's Bulldogs Team

    I couldn't find a thread on this. I'm really hoping we secure one of the licences in the women's football league. Surely - as one of the early pioneers and if we can make a strong business case - we must be a good chance. I think the deadline for submission of the application is end of April...
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    Question about wireless technology

    I want to develop two small devices which beep and flash when they come within five meters of each other. The devices would not be physically connected (i.e through a wire). How would I do this? What wireless technology would need to be used? Who could develop this for me?
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    Travel Russia

    Anyone travelled to Russia? I have booked a trip (with the GF) for 8 nights in March next year. Just booked it on the spur of the moment as a surprise birthday gift for her. I will be flying into Moscow. I plan to do a few nights in each of Moscow and St Petersburg, with perhaps a day trip...
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    Matthew Kreuzer

    Damian Barrett said on MMM that we were making enquiries about picking up Kreuzer. What do we think? Do we want him? What would we trade for him? How much should we pay him? It probably won't eventuate, but what do people think?
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    Aus Tour of West Indies - When?

    I thought that we were scheduled to tour in May/June 2015, but I cannot locate a fixture anywhere (despite the Ashes dates already being locked in for later). Does anyone know where to locate the fixture? or when it will be released?
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    Congestion - Why don't they...

    Remove the two wing positions for both teams on the field. You then automatically have four less players on the field - creating more space - surely this goes some way to clear up the congestion on the field. You also have the added benefit of improving the depth of the competition with less...
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    Running Thread - Join our Strava Club!

    Searched for a general running thread, but no luck. I have just got back into running after a 6 month lay off due to a knee problem. The knee still doesn't feel 100%, but I am just easing myself back into it. Pre-injury, I was running 10-12km at about 50min-1 hour mark. My second run back was...
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    New GF Match Up?

    It looks like we will be seeing two teams matching up in the GF for the first time in VFL/AFL history. There are now 6 teams left with 9 possible GF match up scenarios: Collingwood v Hawthorn v Adelaide v Fremantle West Coast Eagles v Hawthorn v Adelaide v Fremantle Sydney v Hawthorn v...
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    Bulldogs v Power - The Oval, London

    Just discovered the Bulldogs -v- Power are playing an end of season match at Kia Oval, London, on Sat 3 November! Yes, terrible draw of teams for the neutral supporter, as they are as bad as each other, but it should be a competitive match! Tickets are 20 pounds each, which is not cheap for...
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    The Age and use of “AFL” terminology

    I have noticed over the past couple of months that the Age is increasingly using the term “AFL” in the heading and body of its articles. I can only speak to the online format, as I reside overseas and do not read the hard copy. But I often see that on some occasions more than 50% of the articles...
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    Mark Neeld - Press Conference

    I was a big fan of Mark Neeld prior to the start of this season. He was making all the right noises with his no nonsense old school approach. It is what Melbourne needed. I actually found myself wishing that he was signed by the Bulldogs. I am, however, a bit disturbed by some of his comments...
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    Best radio podcast to listen to...

    Hey I am living overseas this season. What's the best radio podcast (football related obviously) to download and where do I get from? Any recommendations appreciated. I intend on listening to it on an iPhone. Cheers
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    Hi I am about to commence planning a two week trip to Sicily. I am doing it solo. I have travelled Italy extensively, but never Sicily. Any advice? What would you recommend? Good places to eat, natural sights to see etc? Anyone who has travelled by organised tour groups, please...
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    Eng. -v- Aust. NatWest Series in England 2012 - How to get a ticket?

    I was keen to get along to watch a game as having massive withdrawals at the moment with the cricket on back at home. There are two matches in London: Lords and the Oval. I was hoping to get to take in the match in Lords, but reality (and my wallet) tells me that the Oval is more likely...
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    Tourist Scams

    I was reading another thread and I came across an interesting post about a tourist scam. I have posted it below. I thought this would make for an interesting, funny and informative thread. Everyone who has traveled has a story of someone trying to scam money from them. I was recently in...
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    What is with the stigma associated with former senior coaches?

    There seems to be a stigma attached with former coaches, who have not achieved premiership success, applying for new senior positions. Rarely do senior coaches get another chance. In recent times I can only think of a few who have been reappointed in the position again at another club. There...