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  1. lusheslewis

    Toast F*** YEAH

    Cheers boys.
  2. lusheslewis

    An overhaul of the National Draft

    I have seen something like this suggested before, but I thought I would propose a system in a bit more detail. My proposal involves replacing the system of allocating draft picks directly according to ladder position and replacing it with an allocation of points which are then used to bid for...
  3. lusheslewis

    All Australian Eagles in 2012

    Whilst I think it's always better to have a team of even contributors than to rely on a few stars, it's nice to see players get recognition for outstanding seasons, particularly defenders whose performances often go unnoticed. That said, we probably don't have many players pushing for AA at...
  4. lusheslewis

    Current players to play 300 games

    Which current players are a chance to play 300 before they finish up? I think Harvey got there already (or is close) but can't think of many obvious ones after that. I'll make a speculative tip for the future though, Tom Scully will play 300 :thumbsu: