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    AFL - Premiers 2020 Richmond Season Highlights

    This just up on youtube today. An awesome watch. Enjoy.
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    Fantastic opening songs from debut albums

    You get the album by a new band and play the first song - then it's "wow, this is going to be good". I'll start with a couple from the 80's. Band - U2 Debut Album - Boy First Song On Album : I Will Follow Band - The Smiths Debut Album - The Smiths First Song On Album : Reel Around The...
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    The morning after the night before

    So there you have it, 8.00am on the Saturday after losing the PF - and yes the sun has come up (at half time last night I was wondering if it would!). So thought I'd start this thread. Feel free to add your own items to these lists.... What's good 1. We still have Dusty for the next half dozen...
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    Rumour Woke up this morning, and .........

    It said in the paper we'd won the flag!!! Someone tell me that this all isn't just a dream..........
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    NHL 2016 Off Season

    May as well start this thread up. A couple of items to start us with : Datsyuk - a true star of the game heading home : Andersen the next great white hope in goal for the Leafs ...
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    Vale Gordie Howe

    Mr Hockey passes away aged 88. Some great video here
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    BFFHL - single season league - 2014/2015

    This league going ahead this year? Or are we just having the keeper league??
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    Stage Les Miserables - new Australian season

    Took in the latest version of this great stage show at Her Majesty's Melbourne last night - absolutely brilliant, with some fantastic home grown singing/acting talent on display. Well worth the $ for a ticket.......
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    2013/2014 Regular Season

    Here we go.... For what's it's worth - LA vs Boston for the Cup Final, LA to win in 7.....
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    2013/2014 pre-season

    Pre-season games underway Habs 0-2 after losses to Buffalo and Boston (which featured the first Subban v Subban matchup)
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    Supercoach Draft League

    What do you think about us hockey guys putting together a league in the new Supercoach Draft competition for this coming season? _____________________________________________________________________________ Update as at Sun Feb 3 Confirmed as starters : TBT Catters Peter S Iluvparis Stinger...
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    Memo Demetriou : ALL members to get a ticket please

    Surely this can be arranged for the GF replay. Corporates have had their day today. Make this one a day for the true supporters.......