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  1. Jindrrk

    Game Day North Vs AFL's Illegitimate Suns Rd 16 2018

    Doesn't feel right me posting before Gaso since he's omitted himself this week....but what does feel right is posting it at the right time and not before some random thing :) So I am in before win and the team better heed Josh's warning. He's not really serious though....he'll show you that...
  2. Jindrrk

    Game Day Rd 2 - Nth. Melb Vs. St. Dwarves - Good Friday

    Gaso being slow again and not meeting the 0:00:01 deadline so I thought I'd show the initiative and create my first thread. Got a chance to take some pics of my brothers Xmas present at Xmas. Thought I'd share their special promo package for exclusive members: You're going down you burning...
  3. Jindrrk

    Jindrrk's Manipulations