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  1. TheSunGod

    Toast To Bluey McKenna - Thanks

    Thanks Bluey for all the work you've put into our club, our players and our development since our inception. You have helped turn young boys into young men. When we eventually stand upon the premiership dais, I will salute you. You shall not be forgotten. Guy "Bluey" McKenna, inaugural coach of...
  2. TheSunGod

    Skate/Surf/Extreme R.I.P. Jay Adams

    RIP J Boy :thumbsu: Or should that be J Boy RIPS. The original Z Boy from Dogtown who sadly passed away last month at 53. Inspired a generation of surfer / skaters like me.
  3. TheSunGod

    MVP Gold Coast Suns Vs Richmond Tigers - Round One, 2014

    Might as well get this started for the season - 5 Votes - Gazza 4 Votes - David "Spitta" Swallow 3 Votes - Greg Broughton 2 Votes - Dion Prestia 1 Votes - Steven May Hard to assign the votes this week. Good team performance - HMs to Rischa, Bull, Warnock, Harbs, Lynchy
  4. TheSunGod

    Roast Suns in Need of a Big Spray

    Just so there's no thought of slackening off in the second half of the season we should get Hughesy in more often :thumbsu: I got a giggle out of it anyway :D
  5. TheSunGod

    O'Meara and Martin - What would you have offered?

    After reading Sheeds recent comments about other clubs not having the guts to offer anyone decent for Jaeger O'Meara or Jack Martin... I'm interested to hear what / who BF posters would have offered from their clubs for...
  6. TheSunGod

    Aaron Hall

    DETAILS JUMPER # 33 DOB: 9/11/1990 HEIGHT: 186cm WEIGHT: 78kg FORMER CLUB: Hobart
  7. TheSunGod

    Kyal Horsley

    DETAILS JUMPER # 42 DOB: 2/9/1987 HEIGHT: 182cm WEIGHT: 88kg FORMER CLUB: Subiaco Originally from Kalgoorlie City,Horlsey won the 2011 Best & Fairest with WAFL club Subiaco and finished second in the Sandover...
  8. TheSunGod

    Alex Sexton

    DOB: 3 December 1993 Height: 185cm Weight 71kg Signed in August :thumbsu:
  9. TheSunGod

    Go You Mighty Suns!!!

    Well that's our first season and with what the boys have shown this year I'm looking forward with great anticipation to 2012 and beyond. How's this for a memento - Photo from final game of first season :thumbsu: Love the little "FROM SMALL BEGINNINGS COME GREAT THINGS!" sign in the bottom...
  10. TheSunGod

    The Orificial BigFooty List of Gold Coast’s Bunnies

    In ASScending order: 1. Port Powerless The original and some will say the best (especially Crows supporters). The LULZ on BF afterwards were memorable (See the famous D_One “Shall Port humiliate the Gold Coast in the same manner we humiliated the Camry Crows” thread). On their home...
  11. TheSunGod

    MVP Votes vs Bulldogs Rd14 2011

    5. Harbrow (Super game vs his old side) 4. Ablett (Great effort (24 Disposals, 6 Tackles, 2 Goals, 6 FF / 0 FA, playing on that pesky Picken) 3. Bock (Another great effort from the General - AA anyone?) 2. Swallow (Rising Star Nom Nom Nom) 1. Lynch (Looking very, very promising!! He's a keeper)
  12. TheSunGod

    Intra-Club this Saturday

    Just announced.
  13. TheSunGod

    Gold Coast Suns Player Nicknames

    Might as well start a thread on this important subject. After all, there's a good chance we will be watching and talking about quite a few of the players on our list for many years to come. Does anyone know the current nickname/s for any of our players, or care to nominate a nickname for a...
  14. TheSunGod

    Nathan Ablett

    DETAILS JUMPER # 38 DOB 13/12/1985 HEIGHT 194cm WEIGHT 96kg FORMER CLUB Geelong, VIC
  15. TheSunGod

    Joel Tippett

    DETAILS JUMPER # 52 DOB 26/10/1988 HEIGHT 197cm WEIGHT 91kg FORMER CLUB Southport/Brisbane Lions
  16. TheSunGod

    Jake Crawford

    DETAILS JUMPER # 51 DOB 05/03/1992 HEIGHT 190cm WEIGHT 89kg FORMER CLUB Suncoast Power / Gold Coast (QLD)
  17. TheSunGod

    Steven May

    DETAILS JUMPER # 45 HEIGHT 190 WEIGHT 93 FORMER CLUB Southern Districts
  18. TheSunGod

    Tom Hickey

  19. TheSunGod

    Joel Wilkinson

    DETAILS JUMPER # 38 DOB 29.11.1991 HEIGHT 186 WEIGHT 81 FORMER CLUB Broadbeach
  20. TheSunGod

    Sam Iles

    DETAILS BIRTHPLACE Hobart JUMPER # 36 DOB 19/06/1985 HEIGHT 185cm WEIGHT 83kg