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    Wireless Aircard help

    Just wondering if anyone can help me out with a problem i am having with my wireless aircard. I recently just got a 4G Sierra wireless aircard as i travel a lot for work but internet only seems to work when connected to my VPN network at work. When i am not connected to the VPN network at work...
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    Moved Thread Where are the North Supporters this week

    After their stunning win last week against the Cats and the numerous posts by their supporters about how they have arrived its no surprise to see them missing in action this week after being beaten by the Swans. It seems nothing much has changed at North as theyve been often good anough to upset...
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    Virtual Memory

    Just wondering if anyone knows how to free up or create virtual memory on your computer. When i am on the internet I keep getting this message on my computer saying "Windows is running low on virtual memory" which often causes my computer to load up webpages very slowly and often ceases the...
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    Burning Underbelly

    Just wondering if anybody can offer some advice on the following.I have recently burnt a copy of the Underbelly series and have found it to be able to be played on my computer however it does not work when i try to play it on my DVD player.Can anyone offer some suggestions as to why this doesnt...
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    Virtual memory

    Does anybody know how to free up virtual memory? I keep getting messages on my computer like "Virtual memory low" forcing my screen to shut down
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    Fitzy thinks Guccione could win Wimbeldon

    Fitzy must be on the happy pills after his bold statement today thinking Guccione could win Wimbeldon in the future.Sure it was a good win for the gooch but the fact of the matter is he has beaten a nobody and how Fitzy could come out with such ridiculous statements like that after 1 win...
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    Mobile phones at the tennis

    Went to the tennis yesterday and found it amazing how so many mobile phones went off during a match in progress.There was even 1 guy who answered his phone and proceeded to have a full blown conversation during a point and was talking quite loudly.Are these people really that thick that they...
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    Anyone watch her play yesterday? She has got to be the most unattractive female player to ever play top level tennis.I challenge anyone to find worse.
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    Robert Harvey A true champion

    If ever an AFL player deserves a premiership it is none other than Robert Harvey.He busted a gut to get StKilda over the line tonight and sealed it with the winning goal.Robert Harvey i salute you. You are true champion
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    Bulldogs window of oppurtunity

    As good as the bulldogs have been this year and with a number of great up and coming youngsters on their list i still think that their window of oppurtunity to win a flag will be in the next 2-3 years only. Reason being is that they have a number of great players who may not be around in the...
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    Vandenberg worst captain in the AFL

    After watching numerous Hawthorn games this year i cant help but think Hawthorn made a huge mistake in appointing Vandenberg as captain this year.He has had very little influence in most of Hawthorns games this year and is not even up to senior level.He is far too slow, has poor skills and...
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    Mark Harvey King of excuses

    Why do we have to put up with this twit on white line fever every week continually making excuses for Essendons poor form.Two weeks ago he was whinging about the watery surface on AAMI Stadium being a factor in their loss to Port and this week he is at it again defending Soloman with the fact...
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    Vandenberg worst captain in the AFL

    Hawthorn have been very competitive so far this season and appear to be heading in the right direction with their development but one thing i think they got wrong this season was appointing Vandenberg as captain.Sure enough he tries hard and has a go but i dont think he has the leadership...
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    Commonwealth games

    Does anyone care about the upcoming Commonwealth games next year? I know its going to be a major boost for our state money wise but i tend to think its going to be a very boring affair as Australia are going to win a record number of medals simply because they are competing against nobodys.The...
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    ActiveX problem

    I have developed a problem when going into various sports websites recently and i am getting a prompt which reads "This page provides potentially insafe information to an active X control.Your current security settings prohibit running controls in this manner.As a result the page may not display...
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    Foxtel movies

    I have just had foxtel installed at my place recently to get away from the garbage on T.V only to find that the movies being played on the various movies channels are just absolute crap.Does anybody else think the same?
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    Internet homepage problem

    I usually have my internet homepage set to however over the last couple of days every time i log onto the internet i get some homepage coming up displaying all sorts of items you can buy over the internet.I have gone into control panel to change my homepage settings and have...
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    Fantasy footy

    Anyone know of any fantasy footy competitions coming up for this season.I know the AFL website are running one but is there any others that people might know off?
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    Shannon Noll (Over rated)

    Did anyone get a chance to see the pathetic version of our national anthem by Shannon Noll at the Grand Prix on the weekend?I thought it was the most pathetic version of our anthem that i have ever heard. How this guy ever got a recording contract is completely beyond me as he definately cannot...
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    Injury lists

    Just wondering if anybody knows of any websites that lists players on the injury list for upcoming premier league matches?