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  1. Arthur Cloke

    The Silk Road of Small Forwards….

    I just proposed the question to my best mate Fat Stav: Of the 3 young gun small forwards in the AFL, who would you prefer - Crafty Mahony, Pickett or Weightman? As Stav said, you couldn’t go wrong with any of the 3. Sure, Crafty looks older than what he really is, but he has serious upside. The...
  2. Arthur Cloke

    Are we going to address our major issues over summer?

    The way I see it, our 2 major issues are: 1. Lack of leg speed, spread, run and carry through the midfield 2. Lack of a quality small forward who can actually hit the scoreboard. I'm just hoping like Uncle Buck that these 2 issues are addressed over summer via trades/draft/training. If...
  3. Arthur Cloke

    Where were you 50 years ago when man landed on the moon?

    I was in the CBD at Brash’s watching the moon landing with hundreds of other folk on black and white TV’s. You could cut the atmosphere with hot butter. I was standing on a milk grate when an elderly lady tapped me on the shoulder and motioned for me to step down. I proceeded to spit at her...
  4. Arthur Cloke

    Suddenly our loss to Brisbane looks alright

    I think Brisbane are the real deal. And I don’t mind that we’re 0&2 because as Mr Scott said, Fremantle and Brisbane are quality sides. And even if we lose tomorrow against Hawthorn, it doesn’t bother me because they won 3 flags in a row. Plus, I’ve just had another significant pay increase so...
  5. Arthur Cloke

    We get bent over again

    Our round 1 clash vs Freo is gonna clash with the Commitment Ceremony on MAFS. The AFL fixturing department really know how to give it to us.
  6. Arthur Cloke

    2019 Season Launch

    Great night at the Melbourne Pavilion. Unfortunately I couldn’t get there as I just realised this morning that my wife was in Europe. But quality food on hand was a winner, although the lack of a donut wall was disconcerting. It was great catching up again with a few guys I hadn’t met before...
  7. Arthur Cloke

    The OFFICIAL GF Thread

    So it’s ok for airlines to rip us off at the bowser by hiking up prices during the finals, but as individuals, we’re not allowed to make a few bucks by scalping a GF ticket??? It stinks to high hell. When you guys played WC in the 2015 Prelim in Perth, it was cheaper for me to fly to India first...
  8. Arthur Cloke

    Question: How many times has G Ablett Jnr been BOG vs NM?

    It seems like a lot from where I sit.
  9. Arthur Cloke

    Do they have internet/phone coverage in Geelong?

    I am FURIOUS. I paid good money to go down to the Sleepy Willow today and the mobile phone coverage was non-existent. ZERO!!!! As the saying goes, we could put a man on Mars, but we couldn’t put one on Martina Hingis. I gave up trying to let my mum know what I wanted for dinner after 1/4 time...
  10. Arthur Cloke

    Question: How many goals have we kicked from 50+ metres this year?

    i can’t think of one. Has it been coached out of our game?
  11. Arthur Cloke

    Will we ever see a NM player have 40+ touches?

    Who was the last guy to do it for us? Darren Steele in Sydney? It just baffles me how other clubs often have a few players get 30+ touches in a game - our midfielders all seem to max out at 25-30 with more than a handful stuck at 10-15. Who is the last NM player to get 40+ touches in a game &...
  12. Arthur Cloke

    Number of goal-less quarters predictor - 2018

    Not sure if the stats back it up but we seem to be clocking up a lot of goal-less quarters of late. Another 2 last night. I’m predicting 14 goal-less quarters by the mighty NMFC this year.
  13. Arthur Cloke

    Gender Equality Action Plan

    Amidst all the doom and gloom, finally a ray of light. NMFC launched its Gender Equality Action Plan today. The first sporting organisation in Australia to do so. We might not be kicking a lot of goals on-field, but off-field, it’s raining goals!!!! It’s hard not to get excited my friends.
  14. Arthur Cloke

    NM becoming irrelevant????

    Where in the hell is this motion coming from? I’m sick to deaf of hearing about it. I’ve got like 17-18 mates who barrack for us, and then there’s another 82 of my mates who wished they barracked for you guys. And some of them are grown men. One thing I’ve never understood though is why NM is...
  15. Arthur Cloke

    Please settle a bet

    I've had a cool $27 bet with one of my 612 mates (he's the guy who actually invented the bunny-hop move on a BMX believe it or not). He reckons the big bear Norm from Shirls Neighbourhood wore a NM scarf whereas I am adamant that he wore a Gold Coast Suns scarf. And I know I'm right because...
  16. Arthur Cloke

    Hodge/Murphy send-off vs Boomer/Petrie send-off

    Hard to split them. Both round 23 games at Etihad and all done with oozing class. I shared a tear last year when Boomer winked at me as he was cheered off, and I'm boiling my eyes out tonight. Hats off to NM for setting the template and kudos to Hawks and WB for following suit.
  17. Arthur Cloke

    If Ryan Burton wins the 2017 Norwich Rising Star I will...

    Wear my NZI tracksuit, paint my face Braveheart-style, stand in front of a full length mirror & thrust my hips back & forward while humming AC/DC's "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap". I suggest you all do the same. All of you. You'll soon get it.
  18. Arthur Cloke

    If Sean Darcy beats Goldy this week....

    I wouldn't be surprised.
  19. Arthur Cloke

    How many A-Graders on our list?

    Goldy has been our only A Grader for the last few years and now that he has plummeted to a C Grader, I dare say, that Tazza is our only A-Grader. Some may argue Cunnington is an A-Grader but he is too inconsistent to be considered an A Grader IMO. And his lack of run either way doesn't help...
  20. Arthur Cloke

    The Gysberts for Pederson Trade

    Tough one to call which club got the better of that one.