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  1. King Elvis

    Laptop Recommendation

    Hi All, Buying a new laptop, have narrowed it down to two options, and don't know whether I'm better going the stronger CPU with integrated GFX, or the weaker CPU with better GFX card. Can someone who knows what they're talking about provide some guidance? ;) R7 4800h with integrated GFX OR...
  2. King Elvis

    Reid - "Crows in middle of a 4 year rebuild."

    More lies and bullshit from these clowns. If we were in the middle of a rebuild, we would've traded aggressively and hit the SA loaded Super Draft - instead, most of the players we've traded are those who desperately wanted out... And we traded in a 30 year old, within view of the 4 year...
  3. King Elvis

    Keuning - Prismism

    Well, I’ll be damned - seems I under rated Dave Keuning and his contribution to The Killers. His first solo album is a cracker - lot of synths, very retro kind of feel, but a lot of very catchy tunes. Pleasantly surprised!
  4. King Elvis

    Alex Cameron

    Saw these guys twice, supporting The Killers. Alex is part of Seekae, this is his performance art gig. First concert, I had no idea wtf they were doing, and was intrigued, but not enthused. Holiday Sidewinder was a win though. Did some reading and listening before the second show - these...
  5. King Elvis

    Crows v Syd ReplayV?

    Does anyone remember where to find the replays? It was this, but I can’t remember how to find them; I’ve got AFL Livepass, but for...
  6. King Elvis

    TV Damnation.

    1920s Western about the industrial revolution (conflict) in America. Brutal, but bloody excellent.
  7. King Elvis

    Wigg - what does he need to do?

    So? He was a second round draft pick - nothing to be dismissed.. He was South Australia's MVP in the U18 squad. Had a late season drop off last year, after being overlooked in favour of perennial underperformers, but, prior to that, was comfortably amongst our best SANFL players. For some...
  8. King Elvis

    Movie Inferno

    anyone seen it?
  9. King Elvis

    List Mgmt. 2016 Free Agency/Trades/Draft thread Part 2

    I doubt CEY will be traded. Not a chance in hell he was on that little. Draftees are on $60k-$80k, match payments are generally around $4k a game. Jaensch probably on $250-$300k plus reduced match payments. MOD COMMENT: This is part 2 of our previous 2016 Off Season thread which was ended...
  10. King Elvis

    Charlie Dixon or Mitch McGovern?

    One is on around $800k per season. One was a third round draft pick - one was a first AND second round pick. Who would you prefer? :D
  11. King Elvis

    Prediction Round 19: Changes vs Essendon

    OUTS; Douglas - he's been poor to average all year. Absolutely shithouse tonight; and he's played half a dozen genuinely bad games this year. A pathetic season from a Club Champion and senior player - not good enough. Also, trade bait. McGovern - importantly structurally, but ordinary over the...
  12. King Elvis

    Movie Gladiator

    How does this not have it's own thread? Sensational movie.
  13. King Elvis

    Travel Trekking.

    Anyone done much trekking? I did a weeks camping in NZ earlier this year, and I loved it, and I'm also very keen to go O/S and just disappear for a while; a bit of a journey of self discovery, if you will... To that end, I'm considering doing some trekking; thoughts at this stage are one of...
  14. King Elvis


    More like Plop.
  15. King Elvis

    Mental Health System Discussion

    Yep. No Govt has the will to make savings in areas they should (ie, State Govt employees being able to take both state and federal maternity leave); to fund the things that desperately need it.
  16. King Elvis

    Open Slather (FOXTEL)

    New sketch show on FOXTEL... Holy sh*t, it's atrocious.. I've had it on for 15 minutes, haven't smiled or chuckled, little loan a genuine lulz. What a bucket of sh*t.
  17. King Elvis

    The Public Apology on Maxwell and Test Cricket. A strong, accurate call out.
  18. King Elvis

    An independent evaluation of our list.

    Hey Gangsters!! Someone I respect greatly did an evaluation of our team recently; thought all might be interest. Solid analysis for mine; be interested to hear other thoughts.
  19. King Elvis

    Betts to the middle: Cameron in?

    We need some pace and some flair in the middle. Should we bring Cameron in and try Betts on the ball for a few spurts?
  20. King Elvis

    Why are we playing Malthouse's 2008 gameplan?

    All day yesterday, we'd chip it around the edges, pathetic little kicks to a contest then trying, and failing, to use the boundary for safety. Why are we playing a gameplan that is clearly outdated and doesn't fit our list/team at all??