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  1. corbies

    Classic Tom Browne Moments

    An underappreciated part of this in terms of Tom's incompetence is that the camera operator has had to zoom in on Toms shot about half way through as he has got his arm stuck on his jacket meaning half of it is open at the bottom. It looks so sloppy that the director had to zoom in so it was...
  2. corbies

    Classic Tom Browne Moments

    He deleted very quickly but this tweet is... something.
  3. corbies

    Classic Tom Browne Moments

    If ever there has been a reason for a change in government here.
  4. corbies

    Classic Tom Browne Moments

    I'm starting to come around to the idea that he's playing a character to show how stupid AFL media is and how little sense you have to speak to become a leading reporter in it. Surely that's it? No one can be this tone deaf? This stupid?
  5. corbies

    Did abletts refusal to play for GC for 2 yrs take away from his legacy?

    I dont see how a round 2 game against a bottom 10 side is any more meaningful then basically every game he played for the Suns?
  6. corbies

    Worst way to lose a grand final - try this [SANFL U18s]

    According to your own stats opposition teams get 1.28 frees for every 1 Adelaide free not 1.6 frees for every Adelaide free. They do get 1.552 frees for per 100 points scored for every 1 Adelaide free per 100 points scored but thats not the way you worded it and besides, is there that much of a...
  7. corbies

    Is it time to rotate umpires more regularly

    Razor Ray's bouncing is genuinely shocking. The ball was barely going above his head during the Adelaide/GWS match!
  8. corbies

    Mike Pyke

    I'm not one to make big statements, but I have him in my top 3 Canadian players of all time. Come at me.
  9. corbies

    Nick Davis 2005 semi - best quarter ever?

    Davis sub tonight? Just bring him on last quarter and let the memories come flooding back.
  10. corbies

    Does anyone remember this?

    i bet paul alcock disagrees (paul alcock was the ref di canio pushed over after red carding him)
  11. corbies

    Round 1 Positives

    sydney and melbourne didnt play?
  12. corbies

    Sydney's Chances

    1st-17th oh wait brisbane's in the comp 2nd-17th lol