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  1. HTT

    Have Dogs Played Their Last Game Ever

    Sorry, intruder here You’re gonna be fine The AFL has the money to keep clubs afloat if needed and will do so as at the end of the day, every club adds to the TV rights, sponsorship deals, betting etc. Its not wise for the AFL to have less clubs than they can support.
  2. HTT

    Maybe it's time to face facts; we may actually be a pretty mediocre side

    Apologies for the intrusion, but you're not mediocre. You're not a dominant premiership winning team that some are, and you're probably not playing premiership winning footy at the moment, but I'm not sure you were playing premiership winning footy last year until September either. (I assume)...
  3. HTT

    Game Day Preliminary Final: GWS vs Western Bulldogs: Saturday 24th September 5:15pm

    You're playing well enough. A bit jittery inside 50, but if you keep playing like this, I reckon you'll probably get up. We all certainly hope so!!
  4. HTT

    Toast Against the odds, Dogs smash Eagles in interstate elimination final

    Congratulations fellas, I must say I'd written you off, not due to not being 'good enough', but because of the injuries you've had (even with all the inclusions, I didn't think they would be as prolific as you were), and the fact it's over there. And then you go over there and make me look like...