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  1. Passmore

    NMFC V Carlton Memory Lane

    There’s been plenty of memorable games between North and Carlton. Good and Bad. 1976 Blighty’s game 1976 Preliminary Final 1979 Round 7 1983 Rd 10 111 point win 1985 Elimination Final comeback 1987 Battle of Britain 1998 Rd 9 Postie Pat running on the ground with a wooden spoon 1999 Grand...
  2. Passmore

    Sydney game

    Anyone here going to the Sydney game? If so, do you know if there is a dedicated North bay? Ticket place says allocation exhausted. I'd settle foe seating near a North area. Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  3. Passmore

    Toast For all of those who know a BLUWS supporter..... would be a good time to remind them that Rd 1 2018 is due to be a Richmond home game. Enjoy the flag unfurling campaigners.
  4. Passmore

    NMFC BF Draft Night Meltdown

    When will it happen? Or will it?
  5. Passmore

    NMFC Supporters Area v Collingwood

    Is there one? I see a section on ticketmaster, but it's asking for a promo code. As delightful as the Collingwood folk are, I'd prefer not be be surrounded by be honest I'd really prefer not to be going at all, however I have made a commitment.....:oops:
  6. Passmore

    Opinion Tazz v Tippet deathmatch

    Both could be there Rd 1, I doubt both would be there Rd 22. Who are you on?
  7. Passmore

    Player Pictures on Website

    I'm not sure if this has been posted as yet, but has anyone seen the players pics on the website? Was looking on the NMFC app this morning and there is Levi Greenwood, in all his glory, in a COLLINGWOOD jumper!!:oops: I know SuperRob has posted on here that we can't put the pics of Higgins or...
  8. Passmore

    What's your emotion this week?

    We were all pumped last week, some of us were driven to distraction:D How are we feeling this week? Has the pressure valve as a supporter been released? Or are you more pumped? I'm probably more of an enjoyable excited this week, if that makes sense!! Enjoying the media coverage given there is...
  9. Passmore

    Toast Is there anything better.......

    Than sitting on the couch after a Friday night win, replay on loop, SEN on radio, formguide in hand. Will grab a beer in a moment just to top things off:D
  10. Passmore

    Roast Bay 35 Level 1

    Seriously, it's a f*n football game. What a passionless bunch of gimps. If you want polite handclapping go to the theatre.
  11. Passmore

    NMFC v * - Only one thing missing........

    Teffy!!! Man, the lead up to a NMFC v * games is just not the same without the great man. Nor without SLF to be honest. Anyone care to share any Teffy memories in the lead up to this clash?
  12. Passmore

    Kudos to the Roo Shop

    Paid a visit yesterday and picked up the new NMFC zip up. Absolutely schmik. Not a fan of the hoodies this season, so this makes up for it. Also, they finally have a hat that fits my bonce. I had to buy two!! My missus is always lamenting the ladies wear. Apparently there is some new stuff...
  13. Passmore

    5 to take us to the next level..2 areas of Improvement

    I'd like to read people thoughts on who has the capabilities help us to the next level. I'm not referring to guys like Swallow, Thompson, Petrie, McMahon, LT, Wells etc. Youi can set your watch to these blokes. Their output is all but guaranteed. I'm looking to the following players: Grima...
  14. Passmore

    The Hockey News

    Does any poster here know how I would get my hands on hardcopies of The Hockey News. I can't seem to get a subscription delivered to aus.
  15. Passmore

    2012 "Superdraft"

    Is it considered a "superdraft" because........ A. The talent pool runs deep, or B. The top 20-25 players are considered outstanding prospects.
  16. Passmore

    The forward set up

    Plenty of options there, how does everyone think they will line up? The intra club had the "A" forward set up looking something like Thomas Tarrant Adams Campbell Petrie Edwards Harper and Sammy Wright will obviously spend a time there, (although I have a feeling Harps may be running...
  17. Passmore

    The Defence

    Reading quite a number of "best 22's" on here, watching training and obviously having my own opinion it would appear that the following players are locks (barring injury or shocking practice match form): Grima Thompson McMahon I suspect that Firitto will start at half back, given he is...
  18. Passmore

    Passmore's Hypothetical

    Talk about free agency and players in and out of contract had me thinking. Let's say the AFL came out tomorrow and said, as at 30/09/2012, all contracts were null and void and each club had to re-sign their players within the current salary cap structure. Who are the 10 players you would...
  19. Passmore

    News & Events Sydney Newspapers in Melb CBD

    Where do I buy Sydney newspapers in the Melbourne CBD? I'm trying to keep in touch with all the NRL news leading into the GF. Yeah i do read 'em on the internet but nothing beats holding a newspaper inho. Plus I'm an old man:D
  20. Passmore

    Under 18 Champs/Draft

    Just watching the under 18's at the moment and earlier read Emma Quayle's blog on The Age website. Normally Emms pretty upbeat, but she reckons it's pretty slim pickings this year with all and sundry hanging out for the 2012 draft. Very thin on the groind for talls especially. I'd be...