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  1. Chameleon75

    Meeting between Essendon leaders and Gil at Gil's house

    Is that a seakayak in the foreground?
  2. Chameleon75

    Vintage Bay Famous villains who are actually nicer guys than James Hird.

    Who: Joaquin Archivaldo Guzman Lorea AKA "El Chapo" Guzman Famous for: Drug trafficking, murder, bribery, extortion, terrorism Occupation: Head of the Sinaloa Drug Cartel Advantage over James Hird: At least he knows what's in the taco juice
  3. Chameleon75

    Vintage Bay Essendon supporters say the darndest things

    robbo? Surely not.
  4. Chameleon75

    Autobiographies - The Titles

    When hirdy met danky: Shane charter
  5. Chameleon75


    If meats as contaminated as they say it is, the women amongst us would be walking around with testicles. These poor athletes, so unlucky to continuously strike the bad batch.
  6. Chameleon75


    It hit the liver hard if taken orally, inefficient delivery method so you need higher doses, your liver will cry.
  7. Chameleon75


    Didn't Dean Capobianco claim meat as well? There's a reason why steroids get administered subcutaneously.
  8. Chameleon75

    Godolphin Oh and nice reference to hamish earlier