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  1. grumbleguts

    Analysis Team Ratings 2021

    Round 3 Teams rated against the highest rated team out of 100. North not doing so well. Early days and things will swing wildly for a few weeks. Western Bulldogs100 West Coast68.84 Sydney64.25 Port Adelaide25.38 Melbourne18.05 Richmond17.68 Collingwood9.92 Gold Coast7.83...
  2. grumbleguts

    Happy new year

    I hope all our players were standing on their left feet tonight, start 2021 off on the right foot. Happy new year everyone.
  3. grumbleguts

    Player Watch Cyril Rioli's Tiwi debut

    Cyril's debut game for the Tiwi Bombers is being streamed live today here: It has the number of hours until the start on the screen until it begins. At the time of posting it was 7.
  4. grumbleguts

    News Welcome to Hawthorn Cebby Johnson

    How cool is this:
  5. grumbleguts

    Game Day Round 7, 2019: Melbourne v Hawthorn, 4 May 2019, 1.45pm @ MCG

    It's Saturday and it's game day. I didn't think parallel universe existed, nor do I know how I got here.
  6. grumbleguts

    Analysis Free kick headf**ked

    Just been going through the history of the league in terms of free kicks and I sense a pattern emerging. Western Bulldogs/Footscray 1896 Fitzroy 1324 Collingwood 1109 St Kilda 945 Westcoast 904 Geelong 586 Brisbane Bears 106 Port Adelaide 58 Sydney/Sth Melb 46 Essendon -72 Gold Coast -131 GWS...
  7. grumbleguts

    Analysis Team ratings 2019

    It's only early days, but here are the ratings for the teams after three rounds of the 2019 season. 1 Geelong 100.000 2 Brisbane 90.041 3 West Coast 82.836 4 Fremantle 69.424 5 GWS 55.487 6...
  8. grumbleguts

    Team Ratings season 27

    I've crunched the numbers and here are the team ratings for the first 8 rounds. Things don't mean too much in the first few rounds, because teams need to play each other enough for team A to be rated against team F because they beat team D who played team G who lost to Team F two weeks ago etc...
  9. grumbleguts

    End of season irrelevant fun.

    I have long held the belief that kids are spoken down to, and patronised in their capacity to understand more scientifically rigorous text. So to this end I have reworded a nursery rhyme with more academically rigorous language to help kids on their journey. The original" Mary had a little...
  10. grumbleguts

    Media Are hit-outs useful.

    I wanted to see how useful the hit-out actually was. I mean, does the ruckman winning the tap translate to scoreboard ascendancy? I looked at a plot of a team's total hit-outs against their percentage on the ladder. I figured a team's percentage is a decent indication of success on the...
  11. grumbleguts

    Media Mooch rolls on with 3 possessions.

    Never has someone in the game of qooty had such an impact in a game. This is going to shock some people but as Mooch took the field today in his massive bid to create the greatest ever match of qooty. He lined up at full forward. Nothing would give him more pleasure than to kick a bag against...
  12. grumbleguts

    Media Team ratings system.

    For a number of years I have been developing a ratings system for teams based on the mathematics of dominance matrices (to help with AFL tipping). In the last four seasons it has netted me about $1000 in tipping comps. To calibrate the system, I used the 1978 season, and it almost correctly...
  13. grumbleguts

    Universal Love Best triple and quadruple premiership sides

    So Hawthorn are blessed to have several multiple premiership players, 18 who have played in 4 or more premierships. (That's a starting 18 on the field right there). We have had 40 triple premiership players (3 or more). So what is your best quadruple premiership side (no interchange) And...
  14. grumbleguts

    Analysis Team rankings 2018 - Maths at work

    Like last year, I have started the team rankings for this season, unlike the squiggle, my system only uses data from the current season. Last year's ranking had us just missing the 8 for a fair while, this years makes for much more pleasant viewing. I must add it is early days and rankings...
  15. grumbleguts

    Game Day Round 19, 2017: Hawthorn v Sydney, Friday 28th July 2017, 7:50pm @ MCG

    Any one ever see a Hawk take on a Swan? Carnage. Some times I feel for the swan other times I think: "Should have evolved with more weapons. Too bad sunshine." Go hawks.
  16. grumbleguts

    Game Day Round 18, 2017: Fremantle v Hawthorn, 22 July 2017, 5.40pm AWST/7.40pm AEST @ Domain Stadium

    Always wanted to post a game day thread from another country. So here it is. Glass half full and all that. I hope Conor is interviewed post match: "well I taught we played well in da turd"
  17. grumbleguts

    Game Day Round 15, 2017: Hawthorn v Collingwood, 2 July 2017, 3.20pm @ MCG

    I named my vacuum cleaner "Collingwood" because it sucks.
  18. grumbleguts

    Game Day Round 14, 2017: Adelaide Crows v Hawthorn, 22 June 2017, 7.50pm @ Adelaide Oval

    Bring it Adelaide. You've got nothing.
  19. grumbleguts

    Game Day Round 10 2017: Hawthorn vs Sydney, Friday 26th May 7:50pm @SCG

    Don't know about you people but I could use a win against this mob.
  20. grumbleguts

    Game Day Round 8, 2017: Hawthorn vs Brisbane, 13th May 2017, 1:45pm @ UTAS

    Of all the teams in the league, Brisbane is almost one of them.