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  1. james brayshaw

    Draft League

    Hey guys, have a league starting at 6pm perth time tonight and we're 1 player short. If you're interested the draft code is DRSRTTZ3
  2. james brayshaw

    Richmond did not win everything is ok

    carry on as if this did not happen
  3. james brayshaw

    Rumour Nick Suban to StKilda

    I realise this will sound like a joke but i have good sources at freo saying that they have a modest offer on the table for Nick. Hes currently weighing up whether to make the move or to stay in Perth and move into a full time role at his Father in laws law firm.
  4. james brayshaw

    EAD Richmond

    Couldn't of happened to a bigger bunch of flogs :thumbsu: LOL Cockchin.
  5. james brayshaw

    Congrats Aaron Sandilands

    Well done on another well deserved All Australian :thumbsu: Unfortunate for Sam Jacobs :( Firstly beaten by the palm tree in 2012 and then again this year by a 32 year old.
  6. james brayshaw

    TV Gotham Anyone interested in this? it was originally meant to focus on Commisioner Gordon and the Gotham police force but instead will now function as a batman origin story.
  7. james brayshaw

    Congratulations Fremantle Dockers 2013 Premiers

    Geelong are cooked, Freo have it in the bag
  8. james brayshaw

    Beauty & Style Themed Parties

    Hey guys I have a 90's themed party coming up and I'm having trouble coming up with good ideas, Sailor Moon was one option put forward to me but being a male with an underwhelming physique I don't think it will be appreciated all that much.
  9. james brayshaw

    Selena Gomez

    I absolutely love her music, very talented, my favourite song is probably Who Says. Is anyone else here a fan?
  10. james brayshaw

    Hi Bay

    I haven't been posting on the Bay much recently so i though i would just pop in and say hi.
  11. james brayshaw

    Entertainment & Music Songs That Make You Nostalgic

    9nf4DhXy9oU Eo-KmOd3i7s gGdGFtwCNBE hO2wA0Te0wM D-wk80N1Cbs 2g5Hz17C4is zgDp17iPwYM
  12. james brayshaw

    North Melbourne are the best team in the league

    brb not having any money hungry worms in our team brb not losing anyone to gc/gws brb winning premierships despite being poor brb winning finals consistantly brb having the best club culture in the league umad?
  13. james brayshaw

    i think port will win today

    they have more to play for than melbourne
  14. james brayshaw

    sydney vs stkilda

    should be a good game
  15. james brayshaw

    collingwood should be worried

    west coast are in good form
  16. james brayshaw

    Fremantle fans are sh*t

    i went over to their board to tell them their team is sh*t and they gave me a 1 week ban :mad::mad:
  17. james brayshaw

    Freo and Port should merge

    and be called Portmantle. Im sick of the sh*t they produce every week :mad::mad:
  18. james brayshaw

    QAFL Footy Operations Manager sacked for leaking information to Collingwood

    announced on triple m not long ago. How low will those ****ing collingcheatscum go?:mad::thumbsd::thumbsd:
  19. james brayshaw

    LOL Norf

    you're a pack of ****ing flogs, get ready be ****ed like a dog and have your top 8 dreams crushed by the mighty Fremantle Dockers on sunday. You are the most pathetic club that has ever existed!!!! your 12 supporters are all bandwagon flogs that deserve to be ****ed like dogs for being...